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The economic principle that resources are in scarce extends on fuel deposits, too. As a matter of fact, the International Energy Agency contended that oil and gas shortage can possibly take place in 2012 should there be no strict policies against extravagant consumption. No wonder, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is under tight pressure to respond on the growing demands against probability of limited supply. Worst, it might lead to an energy crisis without solid measures implemented since its forecast in 2007. All these and more comprise the extensive scope of oil and gas technology studies.

Petroleum has played a significant role in the rise of civilizations. Utility of oil and gas dates back 5,000 years ago when early humans needed a dose of fuel to make fire. Specifically, historical records revealed the use of this energy in ancient China and Persia. In particular, the 8th century commenced the trade of petroleum products in Baghdad with the active production of tar. Later on, exploitation of this popular energy source took place attributed to the growth of the industry. In turn, it did not evade getting noticed by great explorers such as Al-Masudi and Marco Polo, thereafter.

Oil and gas technology has been revolutionized through the initial efforts of Edwin Drake. Oil and water properties segregation as well as large quantity oil production comprise his infamous brainchild. His humble beginnings of drilling 71-feet excavation progressively increased through the years of innovation reaching over seven miles down under. In the same way, exploitation coverage reached the Middle East from its humble beginnings in Imperial Russia producing 3,500-ton oil. Along with the development of fuel sourcing and processing comes the development of fuel conservation and sustainability. As a result, research and development teams likewise innovates technologies to optimize these resources while reducing waste.

In view of the international petroleum issues, the academe offers relevant course programs to produce experts on oil and gas technology. These include graduate programs such as Oil and Gas Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Oil and Gas Operations. Furthermore, undergraduate programs available are Master’s Degree on Oil and Gas Engineering, Master of Science in Oil and Gas Engineering, and Master of Science in Oil and Gas Technology. What is even more interesting is that all these are accessible in universities worldwide such as in America (Missouri University of Science and Technology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and New York University), Europe (European School of Management and Technology and Greenwich School of Management), and Asia (Curtin University of Technology, National University of Singapore, and University of Tokyo).

In a special manner, oil and gas technology expertise is undoubtedly in demand. Basically, it is attributed to the growing concern on sustainable fuel production and preservation. Excellent area of employment for specialists on this particular field is the petroleum industry which is an inimical part of every society all over the globe. In fact, competent experts are being hired by top companies such as National Iranian Oil Company, Saudi Arabian Oil Company, and Qatar General Petroleum Corporation. Similarly, government agencies are in need of petroleum experts especially on public inquiry significant in formulating policies. No doubt, oil and gas technology specialists can land jobs both in public and private institutions.

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