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International Trade means trade between countries, and this involves the exchange of products, services and money across national borders. When consumers from various countries around the world buy Swiss-made watches, Japanese automobiles, or Chinese-made electronics or toys, they are involved with international trade.

Because the term is so wide, it encompasses all sorts of professions. If working for a company that sells products internationally, you can either be responsible for finding, contacting and attracting new customers, or for continuing the relationship with existing ones. You can also be an area manager, taking care for the sales strategy and development for a group of countries where the company’s product is sold. One can also work in the purchasing department of a manufacturing conglomerate, exploring various options for procuring materials, ensuring both quality and price. You can also be an administrative assistant, taking care of all the documentation needed when exporting and importing goods, or working in the law department of a trading company.

Personal Qualities

Open-minded, self-driven personality would definitely suit someone involved with international trade. The following other qualities can be considered, too:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Flexible and adaptive to different cultures and communication styles
  • A second or third language would be of great advantage
  • Presentation and persuasive qualities
  • Research, analytical and problem-solving skills

Study Options

Similar to the ‘International Marketing’ subject area, you would be prepared to deal with international trade if you undertake a business-related degree with an international perspective. This may mean that the degree offers subjects in international sales, marketing, management, or trade; combined with the opportunity to study foreign languages, you would definitely be equipped with the skills required. As we have discussed in many of the other study articles, this subject area requires some international experience – possibly a study exchange program, or an international placement option.

On the other hand, you can complete a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, management, or marketing, and then complement your education with a postgraduate degree in a culture you are interested in – i.e. Asian Studies, Scandinavian Studies, or any other region of the world you wish to concentrate on.

Career Options

With the rapid globalization of the world, the development of trade agreements, treaties, and unions, bringing together different countries, international trade is definitely growing. Career options and prospects are undoubtedly wide and interesting.

We discussed already that because of the broadness of the subject area, you can choose to do many different things related to international trade. Depending on the position you aim for, you can either work on attracting new international customers, form long-term relationships with them, prepare contracts and organize meetings; or, strive to undertake management roles, pondering on sales strategies, regions you wish to cover, and ways to re-arrange terms and conditions with current partners. You can also be responsible for organizing and preparing your company’s participation in international trade shows, liaising with the marketing department, and working closely with managers of other regions and countries.

Positions within government departments can be considered too, as governments have to decide on trade policies, import and export procedures, protective measures, and so on.