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Studies & Degrees in Pre-Nursing

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Pre-Nursing Study Programs

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Pre-nursing is an educational option for someone who wishes to later enroll in a nursing program. The greater number of pre-nursing programs take two years to complete, aiming to provide students with a variety of classes that will equip them with a sound background in the nursing field. In some cases, students will be preparing to undertake a nursing program in another school, whether another option for them is to do so in the same educational institution, where they may be given some advantage or preference over external applicants. Some nursing schools even require students to have taken pre-nursing courses before applying to their program. This is so, because the pre-nursing program ensures a minimal level of the knowledge required, allowing instructors to focus on more advanced concepts. Most importantly, by taking a pre-nursing course, students can ensure that this is the right career choice for them.

Such a course usually involves the study of some basic math courses, together with some biology, which includes anatomy and physiology. Besides, students study psychology sociology, and anthropology; they learn how people interact with each other and society as a whole.

Personal Qualities

By enrolling at a pre-nursing program, you should still be pursuing the goal to become a nurse, and qualities like patience and compassion, common for this profession still apply. Other skills to consider are:

  • Excellent communication qualities
  • Very caring and patient nature
  • Genuine desire to help others
  • Very high level of emotional intelligence
  • Able to work as a part of a team
  • Willing to learn fast and have good memory
  • Physically and emotionally fit

Study Options

Pre-nursing courses are usually offered by community colleges and junior colleges; most of these also have agreements with nursing schools, which ensure automatic acceptance for graduates of the pre-nursing program. There are four year colleges with nursing programs that also have a pre-nursing opportunity – again, students apply to the pre-nursing course, and then automatically move to the main nursing program. Requirements for the program may include a minimum level of math education and a high school degree in order to ensure all students feel comfortable studying the subjects given.

Do not forget that there are schools who offer practical experience for their pre-nursing students, too. It would be the best choice to choose such an institution, as hands-on experience in this field is crucial. Once you graduate with a nursing degree, you can easily pursue additional qualifications and education in the same field with the purpose to enhance your employability.

Career Options

Nursing graduates work in hospitals, clinics, rehab centers; you could also work for a doctor with a private practice, or assist an individual with more specific needs in their everyday activities. Most importantly, there are a number of specializations that you might wish to pursue: Ambulatory Care Nursing -  you would be providing care and support to individuals and families on a periodic basis outside the hospital environment; these nurses put an emphasis on pain management and patient education to keep those with chronic injuries and illnesses healthy and independent in their home surroundings; Forensic Nursing - work with law enforcement officials to aid in the investigation of crimes such as sexual assault, accidental death, abuse, and assault; you would also work with the victims of these crimes; Critical Care Nursing – you would be caring for patients of all ages, who are acutely ill or in critical condition. These nurses often must use sophisticated equipment, and are also responsible for the emotional welfare of patients and their families. Many other specializations are open to you, which you can easily research once you embark on the program.