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Studies & Degrees in Dental Assistant

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Dental assisting is the profession of the men and women that assist dentists in the practice of dental care to patients. They are by profession Dental Assistants, who passed the Dental Assistance course and hold a one-year certificate of the course, or a two-year associate degree in Dental Assisting, or certificate in Dental Surgery Assisting. They may also have earned either of the degree Associated in Applied Science (AAS), or the Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS). Dental assistants, also called as dental nurses, or dental chair side assistants, together with dental hygienists are those who help the dentist with the work inside the dental room.

The student in dental assisting inculcates in mind what was taught in school. What he has learned in school is what he has to apply when he enters his field: 1. he communicates with equipment suppliers and with the patient; 2. sterilizes dental tools and implements; 3. performs management tasks such as keeping records and accounts; 4. makes indentations and images of the patient’s teeth for record keeping; 5. does office up keeping; 6. develops dental X-rays; 7. brings about the comfort of the patient; 8. reminds the patient on suitable oral health care. The student learns in school the appropriate way to keep the mouth of the patient dry during the treatment. He is trained the proper way of handing the dentist the instruments needed.

Dental assistants can pursue their education further by taking up advance training courses such as offered in New South Wales: Certificate IV in Dental Assisting or Oral Health Education; Certificate IV in Dental Assisting or Dental Radiography; or Certificate IV in Dental Assisting or During General Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation. He can also take the Bachelor Degree Program on Dental Hygiene, as additional course.

The student of dental assisting should have finished high school courses in English, Mathematics, Health, Sciences, and Speech and Psychology. He has to take four modules of the course: Biology, Pathology, Dental Materials, and General Practice Dentistry and other modules such as: 1. effective communication and work in health; 2. follow infection control rules and procedures when at work; 3. processing reusable tools and implements; 4. join in occupation, safety, and health activities; 5. helps during the implementation of oral health procedures; 6. aids with dental radiography, and 7. supports in the rendering of dental exercise.

The student’s course subjects are as follows: Study Skills, Anatomy, Physiology, and Terminology, Computer Basics, Math Fundamentals, Dental Anatomy and Pathology, Fundamentals of Dentistry, Dental Office Administration, Dental Pharmacology, Clinical Dental Procedures, Dental Equipment Use and Care, Dental Radiography, Dental Materials, and Externship.

The schools where to study dental assisting are: California Dental Assistant Schools; Texas Dental Assistant Schools; New York Dental Assistant Schools; Florida Dental Assistant Schools; New Jersey Dental Assistant Schools; New York School for Medical & Dental Assisting; The Allied Health School—Virginia; Allied College - Missouri; Bradford School; Cambridge College; Career Centers of Texas; Central Florida Institute, Inc.; Charter College – Lancaster, Everest; Colle Milan Institutege; Vatterott College; Western Career College; and Thompson Institute – Philadelphia.

After graduation, he can land into a job as a: Dental Receptionist, Dental Assistant, Dental/Office Assistant, Dental Scheduler/ Dental Receptionist, Dental Hygienist, Medical Assistant, or office manager.