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Home to the ultimate Goddess of Greece, the Parthenon also lodges the greatness of ancient architecture. No wonder, it has been regarded as the supreme embodiment of architectural sites all over the globe. Thanks to Iktinos and Kallikrates who happen to be the artists behind the finest architecture alongside the great sculptor Phidias. Among others, its legendary components consist of stylobate’s curvature, naos walls’ taper, and finally the columns’ entasis. Apart from these, another significant brilliance was the optical refinements integrated on its construction. Undoubtedly, this ancient building has been a classical inspiration to modern architecture.

In the ancient times, the concepts of architecture evolve on three main facets such as durability, utility, and beauty. These principles were suggested by the infamous architect Vitruvius in the oldest surviving architectural literature known as “De Architectura”. The onset of the 19th century though introduced subjective views of architectural appreciation in which satisfaction of the impression of men is regarded as the ends of any building masterpiece. Consequently, modern architecture paved the way for the integration of earlier theories. As a result, it gave rise to the revolutionary idea that form follows function. This time, function is but not limited to utility but also encompasses aesthetic, cultural, and psychological aspects.

Architectural faculties remain as such unless applied in actual building construction hence the advent of architectural technology. Basically, this particular branch of architecture deals with practical application thereby providing specialization in building design services and solutions. In turn, it is meant to utilize architectural science in carrying out construction efforts upon the aid of technology. This notion best explains the technological facilities and equipment employed in the building process not to mention the tools and gadgets used by members of the workforce. As a profession, architectural technology is duly recognized and regulated in the West. For instance, Ontario Association of Architects grants license to competent technologists to join the Association of Architectural Applied Architectural Sciences authorized to design small buildings in Canada.

Attributed to the relevance of Architectural Technology, the academe provided for many different academic programs. More often than not, this specific field of study only takes two years of schooling such as the Associate of Applied Science in Architectural Technology. Associate degree holders may also enrol in relevant Bachelor’s programs for further specializations such as Architectural Technology and Construction Management, Architectural Building Engineering, and Architectural Science. Graduate schools may also offer pertinent programs consist of Master of Science in Building Technology, Master in Building Design and Architecture, and Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture.

Employment opportunities await Architectural Technology specialists. The continuous expansion of building and construction industry comprises an attractive academic niche led by premier companies in the likes of Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Bechtel Corporation, and VINCI Construction. In the same way, national governments may provide jobs on its many different agencies under the Construction and Infrastructure Department. Research institutes can also offer professional posts such as Architectural Technology Research Centre based in Florida. Not just that, educational institutions likewise recruit degree holders for teaching professions in the academe.

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