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Dietetic Technology is the scientific method of applying the fundamental rules of nutrition to the food. It addresses the regulation, the kind and quantity of food to be eaten particularly as a branch of medical science. It is in this area of knowledge that the student accrues the degree Associate of Applied Science Degree in Dietetic Technology, or Associate in Applied Science (AAS). He could be able to pursue the study to obtain Bachelor of Nutrition Food Sciences.

In school, the student learns well that Dietetic Technology was devised to help him become a health professional specializing in public health nutrition. In the studies, he develops the wisdom and expertise in the profession by thorough learning with regard to subjects on nutrient metabolism, food composition and epidemiology. It is important that he understands what epidemiology relates with nutrition. He studies that discipline is important in the handling of food to hold disease infection and contagion, the specific causative agent (as a bacterium or virus) of disease and factors that control them.

Course modules pertain to process and method of supplying nutrition to the cells and the body in general; ways of feeding and nourishing population; marketing (action or business of bringing or sending commodities to market; and management of people). Within the course modules are research and consultancy; use, treatment, or control of things or persons; conduct of operation and enterprise; management of finances; attending to food and nutrition; restaurant and hotel management; and concern to public safety and health.

The student makes the classroom a clinical laboratory where he learns to strategize, appraise and evaluate, implement the operation of his dietetic profession. His four years learning will lead him to an Associate’s degree (programs that train students become nutrition technicians), and Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree which lead him to the career of dietician. As a student endeavoring to be a dietetic practitioner learning about foods and nutrition, he should have acquired science courses in chemistry, biochemistry, and biology which would help a lot in the study process.

He has to take subject courses in business; food science; community health and operations; psychology; and commercial law with prerequisite subject such as General Chemistry, College Algebra, Microbiology, Physiology and Food Science.

School where a student chooses to pursue his studies is: Schools in England - University of Surrey; University Of East London; London South Bank University; University Of Leeds; University Of Hertfordshire; Loughborough University; and the University Of Nottingham. There are also other schools in England to pick his choice. They are the University Of Glasgow, and the Roehampton University; the University Of Greenwich, and the University Of Huddersfield. There are also the University of Lincoln, and the Canterbury Christ Church University; the Newcastle University; De Montfort University; and the University Of Warwick.

There are the U.S. universities, such as: Washington State University; Pennsylvania State University; Oregon State University; and the North Carolina State University. Apart from the above, there is the Auburn University; California Polytechnic State University; Mississippi State University, and many more schools found in every state. There are the Canadian universities, for example, the McGill University; University of British Columbia U, and the University of Manitoba.

Graduate in any of the degrees is qualified to be a Dietician, Food Scientist, Dietetic Technician, Home and Farm Management Advisor, or a Public Health Educator. The graduate can look an employment in a hospital, in mental and social welfare facilities, schools, food manufacturing and processing industries, restaurants, and in penitentiary and rehabilitation institutions.

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