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Humanity never fails to be an interesting subject matter. As a matter of fact, the inquiry on human evolution remains to be an ongoing process as new discoveries fascinate anthropologists hence the missing link query up to date. Undoubtedly, anthropology happens to be one of the most remarkable disciplines that encompass many different facets. This fact best explains its multidisciplinary character that extends on science, sociology, literature, and the like. Nonetheless, the study promotes unity of investigative pursuits via holistic approach to any particular phenomenon. Consequently, application of established faculties of anthropology paved the way for another branch of learning known as applied anthropology. Anthropology is diversified hence the variety of specializations. These include its many different sub-disciplines such as archaeology, anthropological linguistics, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Anthropological sub-fields are given specific areas of study which may overlap for collaboration purposes. Archaeology is basically concerned with human material and culture commonly supported by excavated artefacts from the past. Anthropological linguistics have also its own domain consists of communication processes interrelated with language and culture.

Biological anthropology deals with human population via evolutionary framework. Cultural anthropology finally focuses on cultural studies usually grounded on ethnography. Imperative to the application of anthropological studies, applied anthropology has become another remarkable sub-disciplinary component. As anthropology features diversity, practical application likewise ranges to archaeological, biological, cultural, and linguistics. In the same way, collaboration of these anthropological sub-fields may take place along the process. For instance, an applied anthropology specialist may integrate culture and linguistics upon explaining migration of Asians to America. More often than not, cases may involve either explanation or forecast of events based on anthropological theories. Intensive research is the primary approach used by these anthropologists particularly ethnography, participant observation, textual analysis, survey, and some other empirical tools. Related faculties may include development anthropology, economic anthropology, and public anthropology.

Attributed to the growing interests on applied anthropology, the academe provided for relevant course programs both in graduate and undergraduate schools. Bachelor’s degree confers specializations in Applied Anthropology, Behavioural Science and Community Development, and Socio-Cultural and Applied Anthropology. Postgraduate academic curricula are also offered for further studies such as Master of Applied Anthropology, Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development, Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology and Community and Youth Work, and Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Anthropology. Associate degree may also be considered such as Associate of Arts in Anthropology. Furthermore, these academic programs are tendered in colleges and universities such as SUNY Cortland, Truckee Meadows Community College, and University of Redmond. Employment privileges await applied anthropologists worldwide. Non-governmental organizations comprise an attractive academic niche to professionals in the likes of Association of Social Anthropologists, European Association of Anthropologist’s Medical Anthropology Network, and Society for Applied Anthropology. Pertinent government programs may also offer research professions to competent specialists to conduct inquiries on various social phenomena. Educational institutions can likewise provide teaching posts to eligible anthropologists who can share their expertise to the academe. In most cases, typical duties and responsibilities entail research although administrative, supervisory, and discretionary functions may be required, too.