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Bircham University’s Criminology program describes and analyses all aspects of criminology including, methods, crime patterns, causes and theory development, as well as crimes in the contemporary world and reactions to criminal behaviour. The program provides students with a better understanding of the central problems defining modern criminology to allow them to have their own deductions and evaluations. It evaluates the principles of an effective criminal investigation including all facets related to equipment, technology and procedures. It also explains investigation techniques and the methods of identifying and processing physical evidence. Subjects covered on this course include: Criminology, Criminal Justice, Organized Crime, Delinquency & Violence, Fraud & Corporate Crime, Drug Addictions, Crime Victims, Fire & Arson Investigation, Criminal Behaviour, Crime Law and Prevention, Terrorism, Cyberspace Law, Criminal Investigation & Crime Scene & Evidence. The Criminology course is available at Specialist, Expert, Bachelor's, Master's & Ph.D. (Doctoral) Degree levels.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

University Master's Degree in Cybercrime – Official

There is a growing need for training in the area of cybercrime. Over recent years, society has changed at a remarkable pace and those working on the investigation, prevention and prosecution of crime need to be entirely familiar with the latest technological settings. The ways people now live involve a mixture of real and virtual situations that cannot be separated. To a greater or lesser extent, all involves the digital world. The risks of cyber victimisation have increased at individual, community and workplace levels. In fact, via Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), there is an enormous diversity in the nature of injuries that can be caused to people or property; from threats, disclosure of secrets, libel, harassment, slander or sexual harassment to all types of fraud, via breaches of privacy or identity theft.
Level: Doctorate  
Language of instruction: Catalan, English, Spanish  
Location: Barcelona

University Master's in Legal, Forensic and Criminological Psychopathology – Official

Currently, there is a growing educational need in the area of Legal, Forensic and Criminological Psychopathology among experts related to Mental Health. Everyone who either works in the field of legal medicine or must intervene, as specialists, in the forensic field and deal with different psycho-pathological problems requires distinctive theoretical and practical understanding of this type of material. The advantage of greater strengthening and specialisation in terms of addressing the existing gaps in education, in such a way that those who intervene function with assumed control in the legal-juridical level in the forensic area can be apparent. With this goal in mind, the notion is to complement the specific technical, scientific or scholastic specialisations of the various experts, in a way that they comprehend the problems that they must intervene from a comprehensive perspective.
Level: Graduate  
Language of instruction: Catalan, English, Spanish  
Location: Barcelona

Specialist Diploma in Criminal Profiling, Psychopathology of Violent Offenders and Predicting the Risk of Violence

This Specialist Diploma in Criminal Profiling, Psychopathology of Violent Offenders and Predicting the Risk of Violence meets the increasing need for more in-depth and practical training for professionals who interact with violent offenders, whether within the structure of criminal prosecutions, enforcement of sentences or even post sentence. To meet the challenges of preventing and treating violent crime, practical knowledge must be applied and skills obtained in the sphere of legal, criminal and forensic psychology. Both the professionals in charge for drawing up the corresponding experts’ reports and those in the legal, institutional and care-giving sectors require updated knowledge regarding forensic psychopathology and psychological profiling of violent offenders and special training in analysis of the affiliation between mental illness and/or personality disorders and the origin, persistence or recurrence of serious and/or serial offences. Furthermore, the highly multifaceted nature of criminal and penitentiary cases, specifically in the area of serial serious offences, makes it even more crucial to acquire more specialist knowledge.
Level: Professional Development  
Language of instruction: Catalan, English, Spanish  
Location: Barcelona

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