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Postgraduate Degree in Family Policies (Online)

UIC’s Postgraduate Degree in Family Policies reacts to the demand to create professionals who are educated in the field of the analysis, design and assessment of family policies in the field of public administrations as well as in companies. The abolition of poverty, a good work-life balance and inter-generational harmony are the cornerstones of new social policies. The social wealth of the future is more and more connected to the family, since it requires public administrations, companies and the third area to all work in combination with each other. This Postgraduate Degree in Family Policies is particularly attractive due to the theoretical and practical subject matter and online format, characteristics which make it exclusive in the current academic landscape. The wide academic approach means the program will be of interest for highly diverse groups within public administration, NGO's and companies.
Level: Graduate  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Barcelona