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Postgraduate Degree in Global Creative Management

UIC Barcelona's Postgraduate Degree in Global Creative Management embodies a personal and academic commitment to turning students into leaders in the business and creative world. It contains a compendium of knowledge that will help you grow as a multifaceted professional in the creative field. Through this programme, students will see the start of the creative and design process as vital to the success of a business endeavour. Because of this, they will need to study subjects such as Branding, Storytelling and Design Thinking, among others. UIC’s postgraduate degree will allow you to achieve positions in a highly diverse range of areas, such as architecture project management, creative and brand management or creative product design, in companies associated with business innovation and creative strategy. Throughout the quarter, you will get advice and guidance from experts with a view to achieving your personal and professional goals and developing your awareness of the opportunities available, in order to make the most of your postgraduate studies. This course is closely connected to the city of Barcelona, its companies and Architecture and Creative Design professionals. As well as lectures, the course also includes seminars by well-known professionals, visits to high-level companies and a highly diverse teaching body.
Level: Graduate  
Language of instruction: Catalan, English, Spanish  
Location: Barcelona

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