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Acting Schools and Programs in Spain

BA Hons in Acting

The three-year Bachelor of Arts in Acting program provides intense training, empowering students to develop elevated levels of skill in acting, voice, movement and singing. The program also provides students with a theoretical and critical comprehension of their own work and an awareness of the historical and modern-day context. The institutes training permits the student to use these abilities in a wide array of media including television, film, theatre, radio and digital media. The programme is for ambitious actors with creativity, imagination, passion and a genuine commitment to attaining and sustaining an enduring career in the performing arts. Based on the work of Konstantin Stanislavski and his followers, this program utilises his work as a basis to explore many styles and texts. The student will also investigate the works of many other specialists and forms of theatre to help them acquire the tools to develop as a creative artist.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Sitges

Masters in Acting

IAB’s Masters Acting Program is designed for determined and creative actors who wish to further improve their skills through rigorous real-world master’s level study. This Master of Arts will support actors in evolving their repertoire and honing their signature approach as a performer. The Master of Arts in Acting is exercise and performance based with considerable opportunity for the student to adapt the program to their requirements and aspirations. The program looks to develop students who, when they complete the program, will be able to show, at Master’s level, abilities such as: demonstrating a clear understanding of acting and performance, working effectively with theatre makers and performers, collaborating with colleagues to create new theatre work and exhibiting a ‘personal’ style of acting and performance.
Level: Graduate  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Sitges

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