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University Master's in Legal, Forensic and Criminological Psychopathology – Official

The UIC academic programme designed for this master’s degree aims to cover contemporary and future demand for professionals from the fields of Mental Health and Legal, Forensic and Criminological Sciences in the following two aspects. The first aim is to supply future professionals with the essential tools and competences which will permit them to work professionally as experts or forensic experts in the field of justice or arbitrate in the various public or private sectors which need qualified knowledge of the material: in prisons and hospitals, as fellows of the forensic police, as court-appointed specialists, staff who work in treatment or rehabilitation services for criminals, criminologists or private investigators and other sectors that may require it. The second aim is to increase the level of technical know-how and competences for professionals who are directly or indirectly engaged with the judicial-legal, forensic and criminology fields which in their work must deal with psychopathological issues.
Level: Doctorate  
Language of instruction: Catalan, English, Spanish  
Location: Barcelona

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