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American Language and Literature (in Universities) Schools and Programs in Canada

Study American Language and Literature (in Universities) in Canada

Creative Boost

Montreal, Canada
Creative Boost is an art & design institute situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Creative Boost offers photography courses, pottery lessons, art courses and workshop. There is an internship opportunity for 3 months provided by the institute. Creative Boost also offers services to students to create and organize their portfolios for university application. Students interact with art teachers to discuss their portfolios according to the university specifications. Creative Boost is always keen to appoint a sculpture teacher, drawing teacher, digital photography teacher and nude model (male... See full description.

Toulon Vocational College

VOCATIONAL COLLEGE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS welcomes international students, from all parts of the world. some of courses our wont require a language proficiency score such as EILTS or any equivalent English proficiency exam, for a full degree study. The admission procedures and requirements varies among the different courses: At Toulon Vocational College we pride ourselves in shaping the Lives of those who will Shape the Nation and Empowering students to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

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