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Medicine Studies in Lebanon

Sursock House, Beirut, LebanonLebanon has an excellent system of higher education and is a wonderful place to visit as a participant in a study abroad program.  Officially known as the Lebanese Republic, the country is located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Basin and Arabia, and is bordered by Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south.  This location has largely dictated Lebanon’s rich history and shaped a cultural identity of religious and ethnic diversity.  Lebanon comprises a total area of 4,036 square miles (10,452 km) and a population of 4.3 million inhabitants, making it the 166th largest country in the world by area and the 126th-most populous.  The capital and largest city in Lebanon is Beirut.

Medical Education in Lebanon

The medical sciences are a very important area of study in Lebanon and are offered by many of the nation’s major colleges and universities, including the Lebanese University.  Founded in 1983, the Faculty of Medicine at the Lebanese University is dedicated to the teaching and training of students in the relevant knowledge associated with the medical sciences and to advancement in the field of health and medicine.
The programs offered by the Lebanese University’s School of Medicine are recognized internationally for their quality and the advanced research performed there.  They are valued for their excellence, humanism and intellectual rigor and applications of high moral standards.  The top-notch faculty takes on a variety of responsibilities, including:
  • Ensuring that the curriculum adequately prepares students for a professional life in the medical sciences.
  • Meeting the needs of continuing medical education.
  • Contributing to the development of clinical and biological research.
  • Participating with other public health agencies, providing guidance and training.
  • Developing an enriched system of fundamental and applied research and a biological link to other components of the university
  • Assisting hospitals that are affiliated with the university and ensuring the highest standard of care is the norm for all admitted patients.
  • Establishing close relationships with students and alumni.

Why Study Abroad in Lebanon

The study abroad program in Lebanon provides students with a golden opportunity to experience the history, culture and heritage of this exciting destination while earning an advanced education in the medical sciences.  Some of the reasons why students continue to choose Lebanon as a study abroad locale include:
The Climate
Lebanon is a country in which you will definitely experience all four seasons of the year, and sometimes even two seasons at once.  This is the case when late winter merges with early spring; a time when skiers are still enjoying the slopes of Faraya and swimmers begin to hit the sand and the surf at one of the country’s many beautiful beaches.  The weather makes Lebanon an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise for activities such as cycling, hiking, rafting and even paragliding, and its mountain forests are a great place in which to get reacquainted with the serenity of nature after a long week of studying.
The Sites
Lebanon boasts a number of important sites that have earned the labeled “World Heritage Site” from the United Nations body known as UNESCO.  One of these World Heritage sites is the National Museum of Lebanon, a must-see for history buffs.  Through exhibits, shows and speakers, the museum provides for visitors an in-depth glimpse into the country’s long history, one that dates back thousands of years.  Other important places to visit include Baalbek, a 5,000 year old site, and Anjar, a 1,300-year old city, both located in the Bekaa Valley.  Along the way, be sure to stop in the city of Byblos, a historical Mediterranean city that dates back thousands of years and is closely related to the Phoenician alphabet.  
The Language
Lebanon is a great destination for those looking to learn a new language, either for personal enhancement or professional reasons.  Most of Lebanon’s people are trilingual, and are at least partially fluent in Arabic, English and French.  There are hundreds of language schools in the country, including several in and around the city of Beirut, where students can study language skills part-time with the goal of mastering one of these three languages.

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