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Master Law Taxation

Giving expert taxation advice is nowadays one of the career prospects most in demand in the legal field. The knowledge and practice from conventional degrees is not enough to attain excellence in this concentration; to reach the highest levels of quality a specialised Master’s degree’s course is a vital addition to your training. The MAF at UIC Barcelona is just what participants need to reach this level of expertise. The course is more than just adding to and digging further into what you discover about taxation in an undergraduate degree. It is created by specialists in taxation advice, built on the idea that graduates are able join the teams of the most high-status specialists at a national and global level. To ensure this is the case, the teaching staff includes the best experts from top firms, alongside employees from the upper ranks of the Tax Authorities, judges and university lecturers.
Level: Doctorate  
Language of instruction: English, Spanish, Catalan  
Location: Barcelona

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