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Psychology Studies in Sweden

Study psychology in Sweden at Dalarna University.

If you have always been curious about psychology, and have always wanted to pursue your education in the same in the beautiful country of Sweden, then this is for you. Pursuing your studies in Psychology in this country will be quite beneficial to you as a student. One of the benefits is the fact the country’s education system is ranked second globally thus assuring you of high quality education and degrees from universities that are recognized globally. The education system in Sweden also centers more on self-development via independent studies and student groups. The country is also a multicultural and an open society that is very welcoming to international students making it easy for such students to enjoy their stay and studies as well.

Psychology as a study

Psychology is simply the scientific study of behavior and the mind. The study has numerous disciplines and includes a number of sub-fields of study, for instance, sports, social, clinical, health, human development, cognitive and behavior processes among others.

Studying Psychology in Sweden

Historically, the study of Psychology developed very slowly in the country and the first ever Psychology laboratory was established in 1902 at the Uppsala University. The study has, however, gained popularity over the centuries and is now being offered by quite a number of universities and lots of students both local and international pursue their studies in the same.

A number of programs in the study are offered throughout the universities in the country. Some of the programs include the Psychologist, Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctorate programs. The program takes roughly 5 years to complete. Students are also expected to take part in a one-year guided practice before they can be certified as psychologists. There are other short courses that student can pursue in some of the colleges and universities as well. Instruction in most of the universities is done in Swedish and English as well.

Some of the admission requirements for pursuing Psychology in Sweden are as follows: students are expected to have good grades in Mathematics, English and Social Science. Some universities may require you to do the entrance exam so as to gain admission. The exam will basically test you on logic, mathematics, Swedish and English. This, therefore, means that international students need to have some familiarity in both languages.

Universities offering Psychology in Sweden

Universities in the country are well-known for their independent thinking and investigative research. This usually leads to globally recognized degrees and meticulous quality control. There are, therefore, a number of reputable universities you can consider for your studies in Psychology. Some of these are Karolinska Institute, the University of Gothenburg, Uppsala University, Linköping University, Lund University, Stockholm University, Linnaeus University, Umeå University, Gävle University and Kristianstad University among others.

There is a lot that Sweden has to offer besides quality education; so take this opportunity and apply for your psychological studies today and get to experience what the country has to offer with regards to culture, food, tourism and other interesting activities.

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