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Language Teaching Schools and Programs in Bolivia

Study Language Teaching in Bolivia

ABC Spanish Tuition

La Paz, Bolivia
Study Spanish in La Paz Bolivia and learn very quickly with intensive lessons and Family Homestay with the teacher's family. Classes will take place in his house and there is no need to go the school.

Celia Maldonado Perez

la paz
Ayni Spanish Institute is a school run by Bolivian linguists. They will introduce you to the Bolivian lifestyle as well as customs and traditions of the Spanish speakers of South America. Our purpose is to familiarize learners with the language's every day use. That is to say, introduce the different varieties of Spanish that exist while guiding learning through the indispensable framework of grammar. These courses are all adaptable to any plans you may have while you're in Bolivia. Taking Spanish classes will help you to enjoy and take advantage of your time here. Your increased... See full description.

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La Paz