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Classic Humanities

SLU-Madrid’s Department of Humanities offers classes that make you think about some of the most important questions that humans ask, which will prepare you for your future. Classic authors formed their ideas and theories in classical Greek or Latin and are considered the pioneers of Western culture in many areas: theatre, art, literature, philosophy, natural sciences, mathematics and astronomy. Learning Latin is vital for really understanding the Romance languages, it also contributes to a better comprehension of English. SLU-Madrid’s goal is to strengthen students' critical thinking and analytical skills to prepare them to comprehend themselves, others and their place in the world.
Level: Undergraduate Associate  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Madrid


Humanities focus on the importance and significance of examining human beings from an integrated philosophic, historic and artistic standpoint. Through a complete examination of the globe's politics, religion, history, philosophy and art, students study how perspectives influence each other. Art is seen as the expression of the historical incidents and ideas overseeing a particular period. History is thought as the battle between ideas, society and politics and their development. The ideas describing an era originate from the analysis of previous idealistic failures. The Humanities program tackles the major crises of this century: environmental degradation, social chasm, globalization and cultural clashes. Subjects covered on this course include: Human Evolution, World Cultures, Civilization & Culture, Ancient Civilizations, Art History, Ancient History, XXth Century Art, Comparative Historical Analysis, Religion, Comparative Religion, Contemporary Religious Thought, The Search for Meaning, Philosophic Trends, Literature & Culture, Art & Philosophy and Art & Religion. Subjects account for 3 academic credits each. The Humanities program is available at Specialist, Expert, Bachelor's, Master's & Ph.D. (Doctoral) Degree levels.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

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