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Design Studies in Denmark

Denmark is globally renowned, perhaps more than any other country, for its design. There is an entire school of thought – straightforwardly titled the “Danish Design” school – that is strongly associated with this country, especially its capital of Copenhagen. Founded in the early 20th century at the Copenhagen School of Design, Danish Design is characterized by avant-garde, curvilinear forms, industrial materials, and an elegant simplicity reminiscent of Bauhaus modernism. Danish designers are particularly known for designing chairs that are both visually striking and ergonomic – both beautiful and comfortable. The Danish Design, however, finds its most famous expression not in furniture design, but in architecture. The Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s most iconic buildings, was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and its soaring sail-like rooftop is indicative of the high modern flair embraced by the Danish School. Even the most distracted tourist will notice how many of Denmark’s hotels and restaurants feature bold, modern designs after the style of the Danish school. So it’s no surprise that so many design students flock to Denmark to pursue their studies.

Schools of design can be found all over Denmark, from the northern tip of the Jutland Peninsula all the way to the small, isolated Baltic island of Bornholm. Naturally, location makes a significant impact on the kind of lifestyle that is available at each institution. Studying in Copenhagen, for example, entails all the same convenience, excitement, and hectic pace as life in any modern European capital. Copenhagen is an extremely diverse city with a rich history and a cosmopolitan culture. As one of the main travel hubs of Northern Europe, it also offers easy access to travel destinations throughout the region, making it popular with international students who want to travel during their studies. At the opposite extreme, studying on the island of Bornholm is a far quieter, more restful experience – but not without its own excitements! Known as the “Pearl of the Baltic,” Bornholm is a popular vacation site for Swedish, German, and of course Danish travelers due to its sparse population, oceanic seclusion, mild weather, and countless miles of white sandy beaches. Bornholm also has a large forested park in its central quadrant that makes the whole island feel very close to the Scandinavian wilderness – unlike the rest of Denmark, which is highly developed. There are also design schools in cities and towns throughout the country, falling somewhere on the spectrum between secluded Bornholm and bustling Copenhagen.

Regardless of where one studies within Denmark, however, the quality of life will be high. Denmark is one of the richest nations in Europe, with a per-capita GDP almost as high as that of Germany and higher even than the UK. Unlike many wealthy countries, however, Denmark also has high social mobility and an equitable distribution of wealth due to the provision of impeccable social services – thus, even cash-strapped students can take advantage of superb public transportation, healthcare, and (in many cases) publicly subsidized tuition.
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