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Oral Pathology Schools and Programs in Spain

Online Refresher Course on Oral Pathology

This online course delivers a simple and practical approach to Oral Medicine with the objective of giving students with the skills to identify, diagnose and manage the most frequent anomalies that may show in the oral cavity. The course aim is to provide the student with the learning tools needed to diagnose and treat both bone and glandular lesions and oral mucosal lesions. The program will teach students the skills needed to perform biopsies for potentially malignant disorders shown in the oral mucosa of patients, and will acquaint students with diagnostic imaging and how to read the results. The course programme is as follows: Module 1 - Mucosal lesions and New diagnostic methods. Module 2 - Mucosal lesions and New diagnostic methods. Module 3 - Bone lesions and diagnostic imaging. Module 4 - Salivary gland pathology. Module 5 - Knowledge of anatomy, lesion biopsies, and biopsy and suture techniques.
Level: Professional Development  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Barcelona

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