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Aeronautical Management Technology Schools and Programs in Spain

Aeronautics/Aviation Management Concentration

Saint Louis University’s Parks College, founded by Oliver Parks in 1927, is a popular venue where future leaders in the world of engineering, aviation and technology choose to pursue their degrees. Oliver Parks founded the university two months after Charles Lindbergh’s historic trans-Atlantic flight. The Aeronautics with a concentration in Aviation Management program is the first international program of its kind and requires 2 years of study in Madrid followed by 2 years in St. Louis. After 4 years, students will have specialized knowledge of the aviation industry and a strong foundation in business administration. SLU-Madrid and Parks College, St Louis undergraduate programs are accredited. Accreditation guarantees students and prospective employers that program has met stringent industry standards.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Madrid

Aeronautical Technology

Bircham University’s Aeronautical Technology program demonstrates the specific application of technology to the design and assembly of aircraft. The program provides an insightful and hands-on guidance into the range of aerospace technology, such as: Instrumentation and command, aerospace structures, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, control and stability, aeronautical and astronautical propulsion, avionics and aircraft and spacecraft design. Subjects covered on this course include: Electronics, Mechatronics, Energy Distribution Systems, Feed Back Control System, Maintenance Engineering Management, Instrumentation and Aeronautical Technology. The Aeronautical Technology program is available at Specialist, Expert, Bachelor's, Master's & Ph.D. (Doctoral) Degree levels.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

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