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C3S Business School

C3S Business School is internationally-accredited and located in center of Barcelona, Spain. Being located in the cosmopolitan city we have students from all around the world. In C3S we have unique teaching methodology which is more focus on the practical approach. All the courses that are offered in English where students have benefits to learn Spanish without additional cost. As C3S offered wide ranges of courses diploma, bachelors , master and DBA we have able to meet the expectation of the students and our working partners. C3S is continuous growing Business school exploring more... See full description.


Over 30 years of training the best over 24.000 students trained in the last 32 years, give an idea of the quality and commitment of our team. Experience, knowledge, passion for technology, proactivity and prestige have made us the essential partner of the industry to seek and hire the best professionals. We count on technological leaders, supporting our training work in the digital world through strategic alliances, patronage and collaboration. That is why we really prepare what companies need, not forgetting our vocation, passion, excellence and mission.


El Centro de Formación Colegio Don Juan Díaz lleva más de 25 años organizando Cursos en Málaga, casi siempre especializados en Cursos Sanitarios y en el Diseño Gráfico y Desarrollo Web donde fuimos pioneros en Málaga y que ha sido fusionado en el Máster de Diseño Gráfico y Desarrollo Web. También ofrecemos cursos subvencionados para trabajadores, que son cursos bonificados por la Fundación Tripartita para las empresas con al menos un trabajador en nómina

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