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Art History Schools and Programs in Austria

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Art History Studies in Austria

Town hall in Vienna, AustriaThe study of Archaeology offers a fantastic opportunity to study ancient civilizations; to learn the history of years gone by through the unearthing of fossils, relics and documents from every corner of the world.  A career in this field typically requires at least a Bachelor of Science degree, and what could possibly be better than earning at least a portion of this degree by studying for at least a semester or two in the scenic country of Austria.
Austria is a Central European country that shares borders with eight other European nations, including Germany, with which it shares a number of cultural and linguistic traits.  A small country in comparison to some of its neighbors, Austria has a total land area of 83,871 square kilometers (32,383 square miles) and a population of roughly 8.2 million, according to the last census.  Approximately 40 percent of Austria’s mountainous landscape consists of pristine forestlands, but there are also a number of urban settings in the country, including Vienna, Austria’s largest city and also its capital.  German is the official language of the country and is used for all official purposes, including education.  It is also spoken as a first language by the majority of Austrian citizens.

Archaeology Education in Austria

In Austria, Archaeology, as a degree program, is offered by a select few of the country’s major universities, including the University of Salzburg, located in the city of Salzburg and the province of the same name, which is also the birthplace of one Austria’s favorite sons, Amadeus Mozart.  A catholic university, the institution is divided into four distinct faculties:  catholic theology, law, humanities and natural sciences, the latter of which offers both an undergraduate and graduate degree in the field of Archaeology.
Students pursuing a degree in Archaeology learn the basics as well as advanced tactics for examining ancient sites and relics in an effort to discover more about the past. These excavations (also called “digs”), which include the associated recording, analyzing and interpreting of the findings, are a crucial component to Archaeology instruction, but students are also trained to perform other important duties associated with the field, including:
  • Engaging with museums and heritage associations and assisting with the preservation, conservation, display and interpretation of artifacts
  • Advising city planners and developers with regard to archaeological implications
  • Performing valuable research and archaeological instruction
The Bachelor of Science degree program in Archaeology generally spans 3-4 years in duration, while the M.S. degree in the field typically takes an additional two years to complete.

Why Study Abroad in Austria

Students who opt to participate in a study abroad program in Austria receive an excellent education and are exposed to some of the friendliest people in the world—people who are more than happy to share the special nuances of their culture and point out some of the amazing natural and manmade sites that make up the country.  Here are just a couple good reasons to visit and study in this remarkable country:
  • The Alps.  Austria is located in the eastern Alps, the largest natural attraction in the country that literally teems with breathtaking scenery.  A place of snow-capped mountains, sweeping valleys and sparkling lakes, the Austrian Alps play host to a number of rustic villages and some of the best skiing, hiking and biking in all of Europe.
  • The Architecture.  Austria is more than just mountains and forests.  It boasts a wide range of manmade architectural wonders as well.  From the ancient Hofburg Imperial Palace to the intricately designed monastery known as St. Peter Abbey to the ultra-modern Kunsthaus Graz art museum, Austria is sure to impress those students who appreciate history and the artistic beauty of architecture.
Although students planning to study abroad have a countless number of destinations available to them, few of these places can match the amazing mixture of culture, academic excellence and natural and manmade beauty found in Austria.