Study Applied Linguistics in Spain


Bircham University’s Linguistics program deals with the mechanical and interpretative parts of language: phonology, syntax, semantics, variation, morphology, phonetics and change. The program is also cognitively based and includes language attainment, pragmatics, psychology of language in addition to language and the brain. The Linguistics program offers a solid coverage of linguistic methodology. Subjects covered on this course include: Languages of the World, The Communication Process, Language Acquisition, Human Communication Theory, Linguistics, Modern Linguistics, Grammar & Morphology, Syntax & Semantics, Phonetics & Phonology, Psychology of Language, Philosophy of Language and Cognitive Development. Subjects account for 3 academic credits each. The Linguistics program is available at Specialist, Expert, Bachelor's, Master's & Ph.D. (Doctoral) Degree levels.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

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