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Secondary Education Schools and Programs in Canada

Study Secondary Education in Canada

College Prep International

Montreal, Canada
College Prep International came into existence as a private institute in 1944 and is located in Montreal, Canada. Enrollment at the college is open to all regardless of their mother tongue. Students currently studying there are from over 20 countries worldwide. The teaching method is to offer special and individual attention to its students. State of the art facilities which the campus entails are multimedia rooms, ultra-speed internet network and computer labs. Students participate in the local science fair and music & art programs.

Columbia International College

Hamilton, Canada
As the largest private boarding high school / university preparatory school in Canada, Columbia International College has an enrollment of 1700 students from over 70 countries. Since 1979, under our unique Total Care Education System®, we have been preparing international students to be responsible global citizens and achieve their goal of gaining admission into top universities in Canada and worldwide. The diversity of Columbia’s staff and students enhances the learning environment and encourages creative thinking. Columbia believes in the individuality of each student; thus we... See full description.

Fieldstone Day School

Toronto, Canada
Fieldstone Day school was created in 1997 in Toronto Canada. In collaboration with Fieldstone college school, there are about 300 students now studying in this group of 2 schools based in northwestern Toronto. The school follows a ‘’Global Knowledge’’ kind of Curriculum coined by E.D Hirsch. The institution also provides an opportunity for students to participate in extracurricular activities such as ball hockey, badminton, basketball, cross country, soccer, skiing/snowboarding, dramatic arts etc. Additionally, Fieldstone Day School strives to always keep a team of nurturing and... See full description.

McDonald International Academy

Toronto, Canada
McDonald International Academy was founded in 1994 as a fully registered and accredited secondary school. The institution strives to promote the highest standards in teaching, applying the latest pedagogical methods and technological aids, ensuring students get excellent educational services. The credits provided by the school are recognized by all American and Canadian universities and colleges. The student body is truly international, with students coming from over 30 different countries. What is more impressive is that 20% of the school’s graduates are offered universities' Entrance... See full description.

Ridley College

St. Catharines, Canada

W. J. Mouat Secondary School

Abbotsford, Canada
WJ Mouat Secondary School was founded in 1973 at Abbotsfordd, BC, Canada. The school is known for its excellent educational services as in 2004 it was ranked as one of the ten most innovative schools in Canada by MacLean’s magazine. The school has a unique character development program which incorporates concepts of respect, responsibility, integrity, care, awareness and teamwork. The school also holds pride in being good at athletics and arts. W. J. Mouat Secondary School won the provisional championships in football, wrestling and basketball in the years 2008, 2009 and 2011... See full description.

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