Structural Engineering Schools and Programs in Spain

Structural Engineering

Bircham University’s Structural Engineering program looks at the structural engineering principles and design systems. This program is a must for any engineer and architect working with the design of buildings, bridges and other structures. The Structural Engineering program provides precise and updated information on the planning, design and construction of numerous engineering structures. Subjects covered on this course include: Foundation Engineering, Materials Science, Construction Materials & Assemblies, Architectural Structures, Concrete Design & Construction, Steel Design & Construction, Wood Design & Construction, Building Technology, Ground Mechanics, Ground Retaining Structures, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering & Civil Engineering. The Structural Engineering course is available at Specialist, Expert, Bachelor's, Master's & Ph.D. (Doctoral) Degree program levels.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Villanueva de la Cañada