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Periodontology Schools and Programs in Spain

Master's Degree in Periodontology

This postgraduate periodontology course is created to give dental professionals the knowledge they require to become specialists in the field of periodontics and dental implants. The course will prepare professionals for clinical practice, academic teaching and research in periodontics. The course includes a theoretical section that incorporates clinical aspects of periodontics and seminars involving joint prosthodontics and periodontics seminars, the review and analysis of classic and modern periodontics literature, seminars on the relationship between periodontics and other dental concentrations and the delivery of clinical cases on periodontics and joint clinical cases with other concentrations. The practical section of the course incorporates treating all types of periodontal patients, ranging from simple treatments to periodontal and mucogingival surgery and implantology. Students will also be required to perform a research project in periodontics, which may concentration on either the clinical and laboratory aspects covered over the three years of the course duration.
Level: Graduate  
Language of instruction: Catalan, English, Spanish  
Location: Barcelona

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