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International Relations Schools and Programs in Italy

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International Relations Studies in Italy

Study International Relations in Rome!Italy is situated in southern central Europe and has taken part in the most momentous international politics of the past century. Over the years, Italy is still an influential country in global trade and politics, both within the European Union and the globe. The country is a key player in the European Union’s dealings with refugees and illegal emigrants, as well as having a vital responsibility in the peacekeeping efforts of the United Nations in war-stricken countries, thus making it the best place to pursue studies in International Relations for both local and international students.

Best places in Italy to Pursue International Relations

Most universities in the country offer programs in International Relations. There are, however, a number of cities that are recognized for their function in international politics thus making them the best places to pursue International Relations. One of these cities is Rome, the country’s capital city and home to the independent nation of the Vatican City. A number of United Nation’s organizations, for instance, the Food and Agriculture Organization are situated there making the city a powerhouse of religious, domestic, and international politics. The other city is Milan which is the financial, commercial, and industrial center of Italy. It is also the country’s major stock exchange and home to the biggest local and international corporations and banks. The global market of this city makes Milan one of the best places to pursue International Relations especially studies on economic relations between countries and trade policies. The other is Bologna which is known for its involvement in post-war political activism and international relations is the main focus in the city.

International Relations Areas of Study

The programs in International Relations in the country can run either for a semester, a summer, or a year and they vary a lot.
As an International Relations student, you have the opportunity to explore numerous subjects. Some of the areas of studies include Italian Politics, Conflict and Peace Studies, Globalization: The European Union, Political Economy of the European Union, or Institutions and Policies of the European Union. You can also pursue global politics via courses such as Human Trafficking and Contemporary Slavery, and Public International Law among others.

Students also get an opportunity to take courses taught in Italian or English and study other subjects such as Sociology, Italian language, and History among others, so as to supplement their studies in International Relations.

As part of your studies, you will get the opportunity to meet with members of the senate, parliament, local, and international organizations, and political leaders. Students can also get an international working experience by doing an internship or by taking part in a service learning or social action placement and an accompanying seminar. Students can get placement in institutions such as not-for-profit organizations working with emigrants, global politics think tanks, NGOs focused on urban planning and developing nations, and so on.

Career options for International Relations

As an International relations graduate, some of the career paths for you include international development, global public service, diplomacy, politics, public policy, international business and so on.