Pre-Medicine Schools and Programs in Spain


The Department of Health Sciences, Nursing and Public Health has a pre-med track entrenched in the health science coursework. Students will need to transfer to St Louis after the second year if they want to complete the health science program with a pre-med concentration in four years. However, the pre-med track coursework can be completed solely at SLU-Madrid if it is combined with a non-health science major, like psychology. Health professions schools need students applying for their courses, to have completed the pre-med curriculum prior to application. The SLU pre-med track meets the entrance criteria for most of these schools in the US. Health professions schools highly regard wide general training at undergraduate level. The Arts and Sciences Core at SLU-Madrid includes programs that fulfil non-science requirements, such as general psychology, composition and other programs that develop communication skills. Students should take more than the minimum core criteria in humanities and social sciences.
Level: Undergraduate Associate  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Madrid