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Photography Studies in Canada

You can study photography in Canada at York University.

If photography has always been your passion, then you should consider pursuing studies in the same in Canada.

Photography as a study

Photography is normally linked to other image-based arts programs, for instance, multimedia, film and video, design, animation and digital art, and visual art.

In the world that we live in today, photography has become a significant means of communication in the arts, education, sales, advertising, the press, education, and even government. As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for individuals who are well trained and qualified to work in the field. It is for this reason that courses in photography are now taught in universities and colleges and Canada has also not been left behind.

All the photography courses offered by universities across the world are structured to equip learners with the education, artistic training, and technical proficiency to become professionals in the field.

Studying photography in Canada

A number of universities across the country offer photography courses at all levels of education, that is, undergraduate, masters, and doctorate.

As a photography student in Canada, the course offers you a wide range of study, for instance, theory and history of the medium, and aesthetics. You will also learn other practical courses such as composition, projection, printmaking and techniques of film development, studio lighting, and color theory among others. Other courses one can pursue include the computer programs used to manipulate and store images, and digital imaging as well. Most of the photography programs also require students to study other courses linked to photography such as visual arts, humanities, and art history. This enables students to round out their degrees.

Requirements to study Photography in Canada

As you apply for your preferred program, it is important to note that that the academic requirements for photography courses are different from one institution to the other. Students are, however, generally evaluated based on a permutation of their creative potential, communication skills, and academic criteria. Students also need a graduation certificate from a known high school program. Besides these requirements, students are also required to submit a portfolio of their photographs. They also write a letter of intent to their preferred school explaining their background and interest in the field.

Universities offering photography in Canada

There are quite a number of learning institutions that students can apply to so as to pursue their education in this course. Some of these universities include the University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, OCAD University, NSCAD University, Concordia University, Trinity Western University, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Grant MacEwan University, University of Calgary, University of Victoria, and Ryerson University among others.

Employment opportunities for photography in Canada

As a photography graduate, there are a number of career options for you. This could be with designers, advertising, websites, the fashion industry, websites, magazines and newspapers, and general photography companies. After graduating, many photographers start their own studies and businesses, for instance, as commercial or portrait photographers. Others may choose to concentrate on fine art photography. Some can also decide to pursue postgraduate studies in areas such as digital art, education, art history, museum and curatorial studies, and photographic preservation and archival studies.

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