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Ailola Galapagos Spanish School

Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Ecuador
Not far from the Ecuadorian mainland, 100-year old tortoises roam lazily about majestic island beaches. As the biggest of their species on earth, you might not think you'll fit. Wrong! We've got a spot on the beach for you, plus the chance to learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands! Our Spanish Language School offers Spanish Courses, Volunteerings and Travelling Classrooms on the Galapasgos Islands. Established in 1988, Ailola Galapagos is a leading Spanish language school in Ecuador designed especially for the needs of foreign students. Ailola Galapagos has a well-earned reputation... See full description.

Ailola Otavalo Spanish School

Otavalo, Ecuador
They’ve been called the most successful Amerindian community in Latin America. The Otavaeños, with their famous craft market and thriving local economy, are waiting for you 2 hours north of Quito for an experience like no other. Learn spanish in Otavalo, take a traveling classroom or be part in a volunteeringprogram!

Ailola Quito Spanish School

Quito, Ecuador
Established in 1988, Ailola Quito is a leading Spanish language school in Ecuador designed especially for the needs of foreign students. Ailola Quito has a well-earned reputation for academic excellence in teaching Spanish to foreigners of all ages. We take great pride in our teachers: they are university-educated and have many years of experience. Our programs are affordable, flexible and allow you to easily combine locations throughout Ecuador. We offe individal and group classes, traveling classrooms and volunteerprograms.

Ecole Idiomas, Academia de Español

Quito, Ecuador
Ecole Idiomas is a Dutch-owned Spanish school and volunteer platform based in the Mariscal neighbourhood in Quito - Ecuador. The school offers Spanish classes at all levels, tailoring them to the students’ specific needs and requirements. Furthermore, Ecole Idiomas manages a platform for volunteer programs within Ecuador. A good variety of projects are available, and participants can choose their location – in Quito, highlands, coast, jungle and the Galapagos Islands. Volunteering participants get a complete information package and can come to Ecole Idiomas anytime during their stay... See full description.

Elep Spanish Language School

Quito, Ecuador
ELEP Spanish Language School is a Spanish immersion program, organized in Ecuador, Latin America. The center is focused on designing and providing Spanish courses at any level -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. ELEP Spanish Language School is organized by a group of professionals from diverse fields, who have gained years of experience in education and cultural studies. They are striving to ensure customized options for individuals and groups, who wish to learn Spanish. The school claims that Ecuador is one of the best places to improve one’s Spanish, because of its amiable... See full description.

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