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Medellin, Colombia
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About Nursing in Medellin, Colombia

UPB Bucaramanga Campus, Universidad Pontificia BolivarianaThere are many options for studying nursing in Medellin and you must choose the modality that best fits your needs and objectives, as well as the program that interests you the most in terms of specializations, study periods and career options.
Nursing is the field dedicated to the integral care of patients through scientific knowledge, human interaction and acquired skills. It’s a career that is always in demand as nurses are needed almost everywhere.

To study nursing in Medellin, Colombia, you have at your disposal different educational centers ranging from national and regional universities to foundations and specific organizations that train personnel for quick job placement, with specialized concepts on disease prevention, medical treatment and the rehabilitation of patients.

At the end of the study program, nursing professionals have the ability to assist physicians and conduct procedures such as patient treatment and diagnosis, with the necessary scientific, administrative and social skills to contribute to the general well-being of the patient, his or her family circle and the work environment.

Nurses can quickly enter the labor market through both government systems and private clinics or hospitals, as well as individuals in need of private care.

Different type of nursing programs in Medellin, Colombia

Among the options you have to study nursing in Colombia, you can find short programs of about 3 semesters to become an auxiliary nurse.  This gives you certain perspectives to find a job in a short time, or you can decide on a longer program lasting up to 10 semesters.

Some of the universities in which you can study nursing in Medellin are the University of Antioquia, the Pontifical Bolivarian University, the Antonio Nariño University, the University of Tolima, the Colombian Cooperative University, the CES University and the UNAC Adventist University Corporation. There are also nursing programs in institutions such as Fundación Escuela de Capacitación de Colombia, Polytechnic Major or Paramedical Without Borders.

Nursing Specializations in Colombia

Another important aspect that you should take into account if you want to study nursing in Medellin is that with some universities you will have different possibilities of specialization available, which will allow you to apply to more specialized positions in the future.

Some of the specialties available are:

  • Cardiovascular Nursing: specializes in cardiovascular care, maintaining the same principles of general care for the treatment and prevention of the patient’s well-being.
  • Pediatric Nursing: Focuses on internal medicine care, emergencies and intensive pediatric treatment with special skills to perform in specific settings with small children.
  •  Nursing specialized in infections: Like the previous ones, it has a general program but it focuses primarily on the deep knowledge of infectious diseases and take care of patients with these conditions.

Here we have schools listed for a nursing degree in Medellin, Colombia, good luck choosing a one!

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