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AC Spanish Classes

lima, Peru
AC Spanish Classes is a Spanish language school, based in Peru. The school offers general Spanish courses as well as programs for special purposes like health, law, and business. Courses are available for six different levels, while classes are held in small groups of maximum of 5 students. AC Spanish has adopted a Total Quality method with regard to Spanish language teaching and a Holistic method for students whatever their native language is. Students have come from England, France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Germany, U.S.A., The Caribean, Japan, Korea, China, Iran, and many others. The... See full description.

El Sol - Spanish Language School

lima, Peru
El Sol Spanish Language School is a specialized language teaching center in Peru, geared at international students coming from all over the globe. It is based in the seaside district of Miraflores, Lima. Students have the chance to pursue their Spanish learning goals in small groups of no more than six students; a good variety of social and cultural activities are organized by the school, too. Another noteworthy fact is that El Sol is the only Spanish language school in Lima, approved by the Peruvian Ministry of Education. Accommodation is with local families.

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