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Universities in Antigua and Barbuda

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About universities in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda, though a strong Caribbean nation, is not often associated with higher education services, although it certainly deserves to be. Though the tiny Caribbean nation achieved its independency from England years ago, Antigua and Barbuda still retains its ties to the British – both politically and educationally.
Like school systems in the UK, Antigua and Barbuda have a certain number of mandatory years of schooling for their young citizens. Individuals must attend primary and secondary school, which usually concludes at age 16. Partially due to the small size of the country, every Antigua and Barbuda school –whether they are international, private or otherwise – follows a local curriculum outlined by the government.
Universities and colleges, however, have some more leeway in the island nation. Higher education institutions on Antigua and Barbuda are regrettably rare; in fact, there are only two institutions on the islands that provide post-secondary education. The first is the Antigua State College, which is actually a college associated with the University of West Indies. The second is an international program, now known as the American University of Antigua.
Antigua State College
As stated, the Antigua State College is actually affiliated with the University of the West Indies.
There are similar open campuses located in Trinidad, Jamaica, and Barbados. The main goal of the university is to impart the skills and knowledge students need to improve their career prospects. In fact, various departments in the university offer pre-university preparation courses, as well as career training in the multiple fields. Teacher training is an especially popular choice among students, and individuals can even study abroad in the United States.
Full-time courses are available to students at this college in programs that last 1 to 2 years, and part-time courses are also available to those studying using distance education. Students can either achieve certificates (such as in tourism), associate or bachelor degrees. There are a few diploma options available in postgraduate programs through this school, thanks to efforts from the University of the West Indies. A master’s degree or general higher training diploma (such as in teaching) is typically available through a one-year program. Doctoral degrees, however, are nonexistent.
American University of Antigua
Much more recently, the government of Antigua and Barbuda has come into an agreement with the U.S to establish an international higher education opportunity on the islands. The American University of Antigua (AUA) may have originated in another country, but it still follows under the educational laws of the country. It is a college of medicine, where students can pursue health science, nursing and other medical studies. Both bachelor and master’s degrees in Antigua and Barbuda’s AUA, in the same vein as Antigua State College, can be awarded to students that complete these post-secondary programs.