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American Samoa Community College

Pago Pago, American Samoa
The American Samoa Community College is a two-year WASC college situated in the village of Mapusaga, on the island of Tutuila in American Samoa. The school was founded in 1970 with the purpose of offering post-secondary education opportunities in the liberal arts, teacher training and general education. ASCC offers Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, as well as Certificate programs in the mentioned fields, while other available opportunities include Agriculture and Life Science, Art, Music and Drama, Business, Physical Education, Nursing, and others.

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Pago Pago

About universities in American Samoa

American Samoa, a country located in the South Pacific between Hawaii and New Zealand, embraces the motto“Saili le Atamai” encouraging students to “Seek the Knowledge”. 

Post-secondary opportunities include liberal arts, teacher training, vocational-technical education and general education courses. With the addition of a recently accredited Educational Philosophy program, and the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees along with certificate programs awarded for completion of study, American Samoa appeals to a range of students.  

Specific study programs include agriculture and life science; art, music and drama; business, college and life planning, mathematics, nursing, physical education, Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), criminal justice, English language, Samoan language and culture, health and human services, science, and social studies.

Specialty courses in marine science afford students an opportunity to explore the tropical waters and gather first-hand experience in this expanding area of study.

The coursework conducted solely in English is a natural continuation for the many native students who continue with post-secondary education. The majority of the 65,000 residents have begun English study as early as primary grades. However, Samoan and English are equally spoken within the country. The Samoan language is part of the Austronesian linguistic family, which includes the languages of Tokelau and Tuvalu.

Samoans study abroad in any of a number of self-selected programs.  Their ease of the English language allows such opportunities.  Primarily, they seek help at foreign universities directly or contact a local institution for assistance.
With a tropical climate and sandy beaches, American Samoa is an ideal location in which to study.  The Samoan people invite and welcome students to Samoa to join Fa’asamoa, the traditional way of living which encompasses a world view.  A handful of foreigners come and study the English language or explore the native Samoan language and cultural studies.  
Samoans, in turn, encourage their own to pass this rich traditional way of living onto the residents of foreign lands, during their course of study abroad.

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