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Universities in Brunei Darussalam

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Negara Brunei

About universities in Brunei Darussalam

Bachelor’s degree forms the first stage of university level education in Brunei. Four to six years of study in a university, following secondary education, yields a bachelor’s degree in Brunei. Master’s degree is the second stage of the university level education. It takes one to two years of study to achieve a master’s degree in Brunei. A post-graduation Certificate in Education may also be awarded at the end of one to one and a half years of study. There are a few other post graduate programs that are offered at universities in Brunei.

The third stage on university education in Brunei is a Ph.D. or a Doctorate in the chosen subject.

There are a few technical and engineering colleges in Brunei, which train students in technical skills and help them land jobs in the various industrial sectors of the region. The student receives full time training programs including apprenticeship and work opportunities in the relevant area.

There is also an option of nursing college, where students are awarded the Pre-registration Diploma in Nursing and midwifery upon the successful completion of the course.  The entrants, however, need to meet the minimum requirement of 5 relevant ‘O’ level subjects.  Then there is an option where students keen to pursue practice-oriented studies can enroll. The institute provides a broad-based training for youths. Students need to have ‘A’ level qualifications in order to get admission.
Universities in Brunei offer bachelor’s and master’s programs in disciplines such as Science, social sciences, businesses and finance, communication and computers, building services engineering and so on. The Colleges and higher education institutes offer many courses and streams to choose from like, science, business, economics and medicine, social sciences, with world class facilities.

The academic year at universities in Brunei starts from August and goes on till May. Vacations are from June 1st to Jul 30th. The languages of instruction at universities in Brunei are English and Malaya.

The government of Brunei Darussalam supports and provides higher education to the deserving candidates. The government provides monetary assistance to those who want to go study overseas in case the desires subjects or courses are not available locally. The government aims at, and has designed the education system to develop students into educated and dynamic citizens who align themselves with the needs of the nation.

Some of the eligibility criteria for receiving a scholarship are: the student must be citizens of ASEAN, OIC, Commonwealth member countries, the applicant must have completed HSSC / Intermediate for application in an Undergraduate Program, the applicant must fill out all fields of the Brunei Application Form, and the applicant must provide Police Clearance Certificate with his application.
Although run by the Ministry of Education, University of Brunei Darussalam maintains its autonomy to an extent. His Majesty the Sultan and Yang DiPertuan of Brunei Darussalam is the Chancellor of the University. There are 2 main bodies in university governance; the University Council and the Senate.