Universities in Belarus

Belarusian State University

Minsk, Belarus
The Belarusian State University Minsk, Belarus is an institution of higher education in the Republic of Belarus. It was established in 1921, and consists of academic, research, social, cultural, administrative, and a couple of other units. Studies are organized into 16 faculties. Furthermore, BSU operates 4 Educational Institutes that offer training on undergraduate and post-graduate levels of education. The Higher Education Program in the school takes place at the BSU major Faculties and Educational Institutes through 56 specialities and more than 250 specialisations, which have the... See full description.

European Humanities University

Minsk, Belarus
European Humanities University is a private, non-profit liberal arts university established in 1992. The school is based in Minsk, Belarus and educates about 1,800 students, who mainly come from Belarus. The university intentionally limits the number of students accepted yearly to only 200 in order to ensure high quality of learning. The European Humanities University has made available Bachelor of Arts degrees in art, economics, law, political and administrative science, social science, and theology. All these offer an option to attend a reputable institution in the US, Russia, and... See full description.

Vitebsk State Technological University

Vitebsk, Belarus
The Vitebsk State Technological University is a specialized institution in the preparation of professionals for the academic-scientific fields. Its goal is to form specialists from higher education, making them highly qualified scientific personnel.

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About universities in Belarus

In Belarus, education is totally free till a student reaches the level of higher education. The Ministry of Education of the Government of Belarus administers and controls the process of education in Belarus. There are public as well as private educational institutes in Belarus and a student can choose any of the two as he or she wishes. The two most prominent establishments, which oversee higher education in the national education system are:
  • Academy of Public Administration supported by the President of the Republic of Belarus
  • State University of Belarusian
The system of higher education n Belarus involves various educational, research as well as governing institutions that follow a unified standard of rules in the entire process of teaching, and other associated sectors like research, management and assessment. Higher education is provided by public (State) and private (non-State) accredited higher education institutions (HEIs). Education in public HEIs is free of charge for students who have passed the entrance competition. The Higher Education System was introduced in the year 1994, and it includes a diploma in higher education after completion of 5 years of education that is known as specialist diploma; a certificate of bachelor’s degree Belarus is awarded after the completion 5 years of study and a master’s degree after another year following the completion of the first degree.

At present, a two-level higher educational system is being implemented in Belarus, and this new system consists of a Baklavar or Bachelor’s in a four year period and a Master’s or a Specialist Diploma in 1 to 2 years, in accordance with the area of study.

In the year 2005, Belarus had 44 state run higher education institutions, of which 25 were universities, nine were academies, four were institutes, five were colleges and one was a technical school.  

Bachelor’s Studies in Belarus

University level First stage: A student, along with obtaining a Diploma of Higher Education, can also obtain a Bachelor’s Degree that is offered to students who successfully complete this level. However, they need to follow 300 additional instruction or lecture hours which run simultaneously with the basic course.

Master’s Studies in Belarus

Students who have received a Bachelor’s degree are eligible to take up the Master’s degree programs in Belarus. Master's Degree in Belarus is preceded by one to two years of advanced studies. Upon completion of the curriculum, students get the academic title of Master’s in Belarus.

Postgraduate Studies in Belarus

This stage is the one when a student can start training to get scientific degree. The scientific degree system has two levels. The first is the Candidate of Sciences, which asks for at least 3 years study in various postgraduate courses, and taking special examinations.

After this, the student gets the degree of Candidate of Sciences. The second level is that of the Doctor of Sciences. Only students who hold the Candidate of Sciences can go for a Doctorate. After successful completion of the research curriculum, the students are provided the topmost degree of Doctor of Sciences or Doctoral Degree.

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