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Central America Health Sciences University

Belize City, Belize
The Central America Health Sciences University is an institution of higher education, established in 1996 in Belize City, Belize. The university is a medical school, which has based its curriculum on the US medical programs. Its main purpose is to make sure that students receive a well-rounded education, which allows them to advance and become skilled, responsible physicians, who will do well in the competitive job market after graduation. The medical program offered at the school incorporates the study of the human body and its structure as well as the function and coordination of its... See full description.

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About universities in Belize

The educational studies in Belize have grown out of the churchyard classroom and into a diverse set of international institutions.  However, the systems in place in Belize are still in need of repair. With issues like finances, technological access, enrollment rates and non-standardized curriculums clouding education, it is sometimes hard for Belize students to achieve the same quality education. Luckily, primary and secondary education is free, and attendance rates are fairly high.
Higher education in Belize is almost unanimously available through international institutions. However, Universities in Belize, as well as colleges in Belize, are still governed by the University Board of the West Indies. There are a few junior colleges as well, which cater to students between 15 and 19 years old. Students must complete secondary school, however, before attending any college in Belize. The most common places to study higher education in Belize are in Belize City and Corozal.
Like the British educational system before it, the higher education system in Belize can be divided into three levels, depending on the degrees earned.
  • 1st level – associate or bachelor’s degree.
  • 2nd level – master’s degree.
  • 3rd level – PhD or doctoral.
Universities in Belize
There is, in truth, only one nation-based university in Belize. This is the University of Belize, which has multiple campuses across the country and is one of the few research institutions in Belize. It provides some of the best post-secondary education in Belize, and almost the entirety of its courses are taught in English. This university offers various courses after a student acquires an associate degree, with courses undertaken through so-called 'third year' programs. These courses lead to the acquisition of a bachelor degree. There are several faculties beneath the university. These specialize in fields like nursing and education and are some of the best colleges in Belize.
Aside from the University of Belize, there are many other international schools based in Belize. These include schools like Galen University and St. Catherine Academy. However, other international schools – especially medical schools – have moved away from Belize, so even international higher education is dwindling.
Associate and Bachelor Degrees
The first university level at any Belize school can only be undertaken if the candidate has completed secondary school. In Belize, this means earning a General Certificate of Education Advanced 'A' Level, which is the secondary school education completion certificate.
Students then have the option of undergoing a two-year associate degree program, or a bachelor degree program that may last from three to four years. While associate degrees typically train in certain areas like teaching, bachelor degrees may have more educational opportunities – and definitely more study abroad options. Studies in secondary education and business are popular. There are also a handful of certificates students can earn in higher education programs that are neither bachelor nor associate degrees; these include certifications in English, midwifery, tourism and several other areas.
Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Belize
Master’s degrees are actually hard to find in Belize. The University of Belize currently offers a majority of undergraduate programs, and it would be a hunt to find master’s courses except in institutions internationally supported. Once a student has earned a bachelor degree; however, they may successfully enroll themselves into a masters program, which lasts an average of one to two years.
A PhD program, though not impossible to pursue, is also hard to find. However, more and more are beginning to take root in Belize institutions. Once a student has completed a master’s degree in Belize, they are supplied the opportunity to choose a subject of study for extensive research and eventual dissertation. This program usually takes around one to two years to complete.

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