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Higher education in Cameroon is broadly of two types; university and higher professional education. The Ministry of Higher Education holds the primary responsibility of regulating higher education in Cameroon, and all institutes in Cameroon require its sanction. Higher education institutions in Cameroon are both state funded and private.
Higher education in Cameroon primarily follows the French education system, though there are some institutions that have adopted the British system of higher education. Universities in Cameroon usually use both, French and English, as the medium of instruction. The academic years typically run from September to June, comprising two semesters of fourteen to sixteen weeks each.
Universities in Cameroon offer programs in various disciplines, including Arts, Education, Health Sciences, Languages and Social & Management Sciences. These programs often involve some research. Specialized schools and colleges in Cameroon focus more on providing higher education in technical fields and higher professional education involving subjects such as administration, technology, social work and public works. Since the year 2007, universities in Cameroon started following the Bologna process, and have accordingly divided higher education in Cameroon into three levels or degrees; bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. Prior to 2007, institutions in Cameroon offered intermediary diplomas before a bachelor and doctoral degree.
Bachelor’s Degree Program in Cameroon

Since the Bologna process was adopted in 2007, bachelor’s degree programs in Cameroon take three years to complete. Upon successful completion, students are awarded the title of Licence in the French system and Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in the British system. Earlier, students were required to complete two years in a program to earn the Associate in the British system or Diplôme d’Études Universitaire Générales (DEUG) in the French system.
Admission to bachelor’s degree programs in Cameroon require candidates to have earned a
Baccalauréat, General Certificate of Education with Advanced Levels in two subjects and Ordinary Levels in at least four subjects. In some cases, candidates may be asked to appear for an entrance examination to gain entry to bachelor’s programs at universities in Cameroon.
Master Degree Programs in Cameroon

Master degree programs in Cameroon require candidates to have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree programs in Cameroon typically take one to two years to complete.
For medical subjects, master’s degree programs in Cameroon are unique, in that there is no bachelor’s degree level. Students are required to complete a duration of 6 years to earn the Diplôme de Docteur en Médecine.
Successful completion of a master’s degree program in Cameroon leads to the conferment of the title of Maîtrise in the French system and Master in the British system. This qualifies graduates to apply to doctoral programs in Cameroon. Doctoral programs in Cameroon typically take at least three years of research and lead to the conferment of Doctorat du Troisième Cycle in the French system and PhD in the British system.

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