Universities in Egypt

Alexandria University

Alexandria, Egypt
Alexandria University is an institution of higher education based in Alexandria, Egypt. It was founded in 1938 as a satellite of Fuad University. The school offers degrees in the areas of Health, Engineering, Agriculture, Food, Biotechnology, Science and Veterinary Medicine, as well as Social Science and Humanities. Alexandria University was ranked 147th world-wide based on Times Higher Education's World University Rankings 2010-2011.

Future University

Cairo, Egypt
Future University is an educational Institution founded in the year 2006, by Dr. Hassan Azazy in New Cairo, Egypt. Offering a broad spectrum of academic degree programs, the school proudly presents six faculties, namely Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Economics and Politics, Computer Science and Commerce & Business Administration. With state of the art facilities and teaching equipment, the school is focused on developing human knowledge and improving the quality of the society by producing outstanding graduates and responsible individuals. The School’s faculties are fully endorsed by... See full description.

The American University in Cairo

Cairo, Egypt
The American University in Cairo (AUC) was founded in 1919 by a group of American citizens devoted to education and community service in the Middle East. Today, AUC is the region’s premier English-language University — an indispensable contributor to the social, political and cultural life of the Arab world.  The university also serves as a type of intersection or crossroads for the world’s cultures: a vital, vibrant forum for reasoned argument, spirited debate and understanding across cultures, and a place that absolutely celebrates diversity. The American University... See full description.

Universities in Egypt by City:

Al KhamesAlexandriaCairoMansouraZagazig

About universities in Egypt

The higher education system in Egypt comprises public universities, public non university institutions and private universities that offer professional as well as technical training. The tertiary level of education is supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education. There are two other major bodies - Supreme Council of Universities and the Central Administration of Al-Azhar Institutes that govern and control higher education in Egypt.

Typically, the academic year starts from October and ends in June. Instructions are given in Arabic, English and French languages. Non-university level, higher education is offered by technical, industrial and commercial institutes. Two year courses are provided by these institutes on various subjects, including accountancy, computer, secretarial work, insurance, health science and electronics. Completion of these courses leads to a diploma. University level studies comprise three stages- Baccalaureos  (Bachelor) degree, Magistr (Master) degree and Doktora (PhD). Universities in Egypt offer distance higher education programs as well. Lifelong higher education and non formal programs are also available.

Bachelor’s degree in Egypt

Universities in Egypt offer bachelor’s degree programs in various subjects. These programs last for four to six years, and they lead to a Baccalaurean degree. Medical colleges in Egypt, both private and public, award a basic medical degree after completion of six academic years, with one additional year of practical work. 
Students who have completed General Secondary Certificate of Education can apply for a bachelor’s degree program. Universities and higher specialized institutes require an applicant to have a minimum score of 70 percent in their secondary certificate of education. Advanced technical education diploma holders may apply to higher institutes in their specialty, if they have scored at least 75 percent. Actuarial Science, agriculture engineering, agronomy, art education, theater, pomology and poultry production are some of the bachelor’s degree programs offered by universities in Egypt.

Master’s degree in Egypt

The second stage of higher education in Egypt is the master’s degree. It is an advanced specialization, and involves two to five years of training and research, ending in a thesis submission. Magistr degree is awarded to students who successfully complete the master’s program in Egypt. Only holders of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant specialization, with a minimum grade “good” (50 to 64) are eligible to apply for a master’s degree in Egypt. Foreign students should have an equivalent qualification to pursue a master’s degree in Egypt.

Doctorate degree in Egypt

Students who have successfully completed the master’s program from any university in Egypt, or hold an equivalent degree from some other accredited university, can choose to pursue a doctorate. They should have obtained a minimum grade in their master’s program to obtain admission into a PhD program.  The degree is awarded for advanced research and submission of thesis. It takes at least three years to complete a doctorate. In Medicine, the students may prepare a Doktora in Medical Sciences simultaneously.

In some rare cases, a degree of Doctor of Science may be awarded after the Doktora. The researchers who have carried out substantial research work are eligible for this degree.


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