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Fiji National University, School of Medicine

Suva, Fiji
The Fiji National University School of Medicine is a university consisting of two schools merged in 2010; The Fiji School of Medicine and the Fiji school of Nursing were established in the years 1885 & 1893 respectively on the Fiji islands. Both schools work towards training and educating health professionals in the South Pacific. The University offers education in Health sciences, involving Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Radiography, just to mention a few. All these courses are organized in a total of 4 departments. The primary mission of the institution is to... See full description.
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University of the South Pacific (USP)

Suva, Fiji
The University of the South Pacific was founded in 1968, and is one of only two institutions of this kind, as it is owned jointly by the governments of 12 countries – in each of the countries there is a campus, representing the university.The main campus, Laucala, is located in Fiji. The institution consists of three faculties, each of which is led by a Dean. They are the Faculty of Arts and Law, the Faculty of Business and Economics, and the Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment. Each of them consists of schools that offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate... See full description.

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About universities in Fiji

Current Structure

Fiji is the center of all the educational activities that take part in the South Pacific region. A number of universities in Fiji provide world class education to students of the Pacific region.   The educational system of Fiji is well structured, starting with the pre-school stage going through primary and secondary level, and finally concluding in the higher education level. There are a number of universities in Fiji and colleges in Fiji, which provide a solid education to not only the Fijians but also to other students of the Asia Pacific region, including Australia. That is why a number of colleges in Fiji and Universities in Fiji are run jointly in collaboration with Australia and New Zealand.  In fact, the higher education in Fiji is provided by universities or colleges and is headed by the University of the South Pacific, which is sponsored by twelve countries in the Asia Pacific region and by the University of Fiji.


The modern educational system was revamped and restructured in the year 2011. What we see now in the higher education system of Fiji is a major transformation from what it was until the year 2010. The Government of Fiji, in 2011, merged the six institutes that provided masters degrees Fiji. All of these six institutes were funded by the government. Government also did some up-skilling, by teacher training efforts and making the retirement of teachers providing higher education compulsory at the age of 55.

Eligibility and Programs

When it comes to pursuing higher studies in Fiji, there are various types of programs available.  Of these, the three most important programs are Bachelor’s Degree and the Post Graduate degrees. Post Graduate Degrees are again categorized into Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree in Fiji.

Bachelor’s Degree

In order to be eligible to pursue Bachelor’s Degrees (excepting the LLB and the MBBS programs), a student is required to fulfill one of the following criteria:
  • Pass the Foundation Program or the Form-7 examination of Fiji with at least 250 marks in 4 subjects and at least 50 percent in English
  • Pass any assessment conducted by Universities in Fiji
  • Pass the school leaving assessment or the Form-6 assessment of Fiji with 50 percent marks in English and 2 years of hard core experience in the relevant field
Master’s Degree

In order to be eligible for a Master’s Degree in Fiji, a student is required to fulfill at least one of the following criteria:
  • Possess the Bachelor’s Degree from universities in Fiji with a Grade Point Average of 4 in courses of 200 or 400 levels
  • Have a post graduate diploma in a relevant field from either the University of Fiji or an institute affiliated by the University of Fiji, with a satisfactory Grade Point Average in Post Graduate Diploma Courses
Doctorate Degree

In order to enroll into a doctorate in Fiji, the candidate must have:
  • Master’s Degree obtained from University of Fiji having an average grade of B
  • Relevant qualification obtained from any other tertiary institution that is considered equivalent to the needs by the Doctoral Senate
With a string of Universities and Colleges, Fiji is one of the most sought after destinations of higher education among students of the Asia- Pacific Region. Suva, which is the capital of Fiji, is home to some of the best educational institutions in the world.

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