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The higher education sector in Guatemala comprises of one public and eleven private universities. Both public and private universities in Guatemala have a similar organization structure and offer similar programs. Universidad De San Carlos De Guatemala, the public university, is the oldest university in Guatemala, dating back to the 17th century.  Initially, the private universities in Guatemala were required to get an approval from the public university. Now, the Private Higher Learning Council is responsible for regulating private universities in Guatemala.

Higher education in Guatemala is made of three tiers- Bachelor degrees, which include Bachelor of Arts and Science, Master degree and Doctorate or PhD degrees. Professional programs are offered by colleges in Guatemala, for those who want to practice medicine, law or work as engineers and teachers. The number of females enrolling into higher education programs is lower than the number of males in Guatemala. There is more than 20 per cent difference between literacy rates in urban areas and rural areas.  Government projects are concentrated on rural areas nowadays to improve the accessibility of higher education to youths in those areas.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Guatemala

Students, who complete their secondary education, qualify for the first level of higher education in Guatemala. Some universities offer bachelor’s of art and science programs alone, while other universities including the public university also offer a Titulo de Licenciado en (title of Licentiate in). This licenciado program is crucial to further access graduate programs. The bachelor’s degree programs in Guatemala last for four to six years.

The Public University in Guatemala offers numerous fields of study, including Agriculture, economics, architecture, chemical sciences, humanities and social sciences. Law, medical science, engineering, dentistry and veterinary are also offered.
In addition, training programs are also provided to train individuals in becoming pre-primary and primary bi-lingual education teachers.  US AID programs sponsor scholarships to indigenous men and women in Guatemala to get higher education in selective fields.

Master’s degree in Guatemala

Students who are awarded a Titulo de Licenciado en can get admission for master’s degree in Guatemala in their respective field of study.  It takes one to three years to complete a master’s degree program in Guatemala.

Professional studies last for four to six years and confer graduates with a bachelor’s of Science (Bachiller en Ciencias Letras). Those who want to work as teachers need to take Maestro do Educacion preprimary or primaria Urbana (Master’s of Education pre primary/primary).

Doctorate Degree

A doctorate is the highest level in the cycle of higher education in Guatemala. Those who have completed Magister or Maestria (Master’s) are eligible for enrolling into a doctorate program. The students need to take the program for at least two years. Successful defense of dissertation helps them get a Doctorate degree.

The Private Higher education Council makes it mandatory for all private universities to maintain the proper academic levels. The National System of Accreditation for Private Higher Education along with council accredits all private institutions for higher education in Guatemala. Education reforms have been announced by the Ministry of Education recently to improve the quality of higher education in the country. 

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