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Many of the 30,000+ students representing the nearly 40 public elementary/secondary schools of Guam seek higher education.  This number totals approximately 90% of the students who presently study in higher education programs in Guam.

With non-Pacific Asian ethnic students accounting for the remaining 10% of higher education students, some of these students gravitate to the English as a Second Language programs which focus on oral speaking and writing skills, as well as the post-secondary programs conducted mostly in English. A high proportion of Chinese and Japanese students take full advantage of the ESL programs, especially in the summer term. 

Conversely, there are a number of students who seek to study outside Guam.  In this case, they routinely work with one of the universities in Guam to get outside help in applying.  Or, some students facilitate help directly with one of the selected host country’s educational institutions.

With a land area slightly larger than 200 square miles, Guam is the largest of the Micronesian Islands.  These 175,000 island residents include a large number of United States military personnel and their dependents, along with people from locations throughout the Asian Pacific region who have elected to live in Guam.

Funding for education is increasingly difficult.  The economy and down-sizing of the United States military has not allowed much growth of educational facilities and additional resources.

However, the wide-range of post-secondary education programs continue to attract students for vocational classes, classes for adult education, continuing education, community education,        2-year courses, and college transfer courses.  This instruction is predominantly conducted in English. 

There is also study in accredited nursing programs and in Biblical areas, along with specialty programs in agricultural and food science. Social work, business, teacher education, and sports/physical education programs are popular.

Added specialization and hands-on work experiences can be found through the many apprenticeship and internship programs connected to over 50 areas of professional study. A specialized academy authorizes the training and testing of targeted computerized software for students who explore the ever-expanding field of information technology.

Guam, a country rich in history and outdoor splendor awaits the chance to build its educational reputation.  This begins with a blend of its own people and those that venture to this island for further study.

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