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About universities in Iran

Iran has numerous public, private and state affiliated universities that provide higher education. The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, supervises state run non-medical universities in Iran, and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education is in charge of supervising medical schools. Every year, around 3 million students enroll into the universities and colleges in Iran.

Farsi, English, and Arabic are the languages of instruction in the country.

University level of education consists of three stages:
  • Bachelor’s degree or Karshenasi
  • Master’s degree or Karshenasi Arshad
  • Doctorate or PhD programs
Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Iran

Completion of the secondary school education and one year Pre University Certificate qualifies students for university level education in Iran. Candidates need to pass a university entrance examination, which is usually a strict, comprehensive exam conducted by individual universities, to enroll into a bachelor’s degree program in Iran.

Theology, literature, Science, medicine, dentistry, engineering, economics, pharmacy and veterinary medicine are some of the popular faculties offered by universities in Iran.

A Bachelor’s degree typically takes 4 to 5 years of study to be obtained. The courses must be studied in a full time mode only, and there are time limits for completing the degree. Registration for a minimum of 14 to 21 units, completion of at least 153 units and an overall grade point average of 12 (out of 20) is required to get the bachelor’s degree in Iran.

Master’s Degree Programs in Iran

Those who want to enroll into a master’s degree in Iran need to fulfill some admission requirements. Students who have achieved higher grades in undergraduate programs are eligible for admission to the master’s degree program. They also need to take and pass competitive entrance exams conducted independently by respective universities in Iran.

Full time master’s degree programs take two years to complete. For graduating and obtaining a master’s degree, students are required to choose any of the following options depending on the field of study:
  • Complete 36 to 40 semester credit hours
  • Complete at least 30 units and a written thesis
  • Complete at least 22 units and a research based thesis.
A passing grade of 12 in a comprehensive exam is needed to get the master’s degree in Iran.

Continuous master degrees are offered in professional fields of study like medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. Completion of 210 to 290 units and a dissertation are required to obtain these degrees.
Doctorate Programs in Iran

A doctorate is the highest level of university education in Iran. Prospective students are required to take a competitive exam to enroll into this program. The doctorate is awarded after completing three years of study. The maximum time limit is six years. The students need to pass the comprehensive exam before entering the dissertation phase. Writing a dissertation is the last stage in the PhD program. The students are awarded the degree after they fulfill this requirement.

Specialized doctorate programs are offered by the universities in Iran Islamic Republic in fields, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. Six years of full time study and a thesis are required to obtain the degree.

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