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Al Hussein Bin Talal University

Ma'an-Jordan, Jordan
Al-Hussein Bin Talal University is a public co-educational university based in Jordan. It was the first institution of higher education established during the reign of H.M. King Abdullah II in 1999. The university offers degrees in 9 colleges - College of Arts, College of Science, College of Information Technology, College of Engineering, College of Business Administration and Economics, College of Education, College of Mining and Environmental Engineering, College of Archaeology, Tourism and Hotel Management, and Princess Aisha Bint Al-Hussein Faculty of Nursing.

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About universities in Jordan

Higher education in Jordan is offered by public universities, private and community colleges in Jordan. Higher education comprises of three stages.
  1. First stage- Undergraduate level
  2. Second stage- Post graduate level
  3. Third stage- Doctorate level
The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research that includes the higher education council, higher education accreditation commission, and the scientific research support fund, supervises higher education in Jordan. Higher education development forum, Jordan Society for scientific research, El Hassan science city and Jordan higher education development project are some other institutions that support the higher education sector.

First Stage- Undergraduate Level

Most universities in Jordan follow the education systems and are associated with many overseas universities, especially in the UK and USA. Bachelor’s degrees in Jordan take four years to complete. However, degrees in some specialized fields like engineering, pharmacy and dentistry require five years.  A bachelor’s degree course in medicine lasts for six years, followed by a one year internship.  Bachelor’s degrees in Jordan require credit hours, ranging from 126 to 164, depending on the field of study.

Students, who have completed the General Secondary Education Certificate successfully, can be considered for admission to bachelor’s degree programs in various universities in Jordan. Those who have completed an international baccalaureate diploma or, have scored British or international ‘A’ levels can also apply for an admission for bachelor’s degree courses at universities in Jordan.

Second Stage- Master’s Degrees in Jordan

Students, who wish to pursue a master’s degree in Jordan, need to have completed a bachelor’s degree successfully in the respective branch of knowledge from Jordanian or other accredited universities.  Moreover, their bachelor’s study should have been regular, and their average score should be “Good” or equivalent. A master’s degree in Jordan is awarded to students after one or two years of study. The course work and a thesis; or a course work and a comprehensive examination should be completed to obtain a master’s degree in Jordan. The students, who opt for course work and thesis, need to spend 24 credit hours of courses and nine credit hours of research. Those who select the second option need to undergo a coursework for 33 credit hours.

Some universities in Jordan offer postgraduate degrees equivalent to the master’s degree like the Magister, MBA and DEA degrees. DEA degree programs are offered by universities in Jordan that follow a French system.

Third Stage- Doctorate Degrees in Jordan’

A doctorate degree is awarded after three to five years of study, ending with the submission of an original dissertation by the student. Those who have obtained a two-year master’s degree with a minimum average of “Good” can get admission into a master degree program. Students need to spend 24 credit hours in course work and 24 credit hours in research.

In Jordan, universities established before 1990 were owned by the state, so the tuition fees are reasonable. However, commercial private universities charge higher tuition fee. The students, whose secondary certificate score is not enough, or those who want to get enrolled into their preferred university or course study, are often required to pay a higher tuition fee.
Jordan is in its early stages of growth, so there will be a substantial increase in the demand for higher education in the near future.

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