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About universities in Lesotho

The Ministry of Education and Training manages and regulates the tertiary education and training in Lesotho. There is only one public university in the country- The National University of Lesotho. However, there are numerous other public institutions and private colleges in Lesotho that offer higher education. The main objective of higher education in Lesotho is to provide advanced skills and knowledge in order to increase the skill levels of the workforce. 

Higher education in Lesotho faces several challenges. Agriculture, livestock, and payment from South African miners are the main sources of income in the country. Only 4 percent people, in the relevant age groups, enroll for higher education in Lesotho.

Bachelor’s Degree in Lesotho

The National University in Lesotho offers bachelor’s degrees in various faculties like Agriculture, education, law, humanities, social science and science. The agriculture college and the college of education are some of the colleges in Lesotho that offer popular bachelor’s degree programs in agriculture and education fields respectively.

Students who have completed the COSC (Cambridge Overseas School Certificate) successfully can get admission into the bachelor degree program. Holders of the Matriculation Certificate of the Republic of South Africa can also enroll into the country’s bachelor’s degree program.

Bachelor’s degree programs, in Lesotho, typically last for four years. English is the medium of instruction. An academic year comprises of two semesters. At the end of every year, students are required to take the final exam. Grades are awarded to students, on the basis of their performance. In order to be conferred the bachelor’s degree; students need to at least obtain a D grade.

Presently Lesotho does not have any medical colleges. So, students who wish to pursue medical education must do so in foreign countries, like South Africa, the Netherlands, Australia and the UK.

Master’s Degree in Lesotho

Some master’s degree programs are offered by the higher education institutions in Lesotho, in the fields of arts, science and education. Lesotho’s higher education is highly influenced by British style, so the master’s degree programs are typically research oriented. However, they also involve some course work.

Higher education in Lesotho faces various challenges, like poverty, underdeveloped infrastructure and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Many families find it unaffordable to pay for higher education, books, and study material. Since there is only one public university, people in rural areas find it difficult to access tertiary education. In order to overcome these problems, distance education programs are now being offered by universities. Courses are offered through printed correspondence text, tutorial support, audio and video materials and monthly two day seminars. Part time courses are also available, which help increase the number of individuals accessing higher education in Lesotho. Teacher training courses and Bachelor of Education are the popular part time courses offered by the higher education institutions in the country.