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Luxembourg, a landlocked country, is one of the smallest member states of European Union. It is also one with the highest per capita GDP. Higher education in Luxembourg comes under the purview of the Ministère de l'Education nationale. Higher education in Luxembourg is delivered at the only university in Luxembourg; the University of Luxembourg, which was established as recently as in 2003. The university in Luxembourg was established to undertake three primary activities; teaching, research and valorisation.
Higher education in Luxembourg is highly research-oriented and has five primary research axes namely, international finance, IT, biomedicine, European and business law, education and learning in multilingual and multicultural contexts.
Higher education in Luxembourg follows the Bologna system of bachelor’s and, master’s degree programs. The university in Luxembourg, thus, offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, which lead to a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Luxembourg, respectively.
Bachelor’s Degree in Luxembourg
University in Luxembourg offers 11 bachelor’s degree programs which may either have an academic or a professional outlook. Admission to a bachelor’s degree program at the university in Luxembourg requires candidates to hold a secondary or technical secondary school leaving certificate. Candidates holding a technician’s diploma in the relevant subject of their selected degree are also eligible to apply. Candidates with none of the above mentioned certificates are required to pass a test defined by the university in Luxembourg. However, such candidates with prior work experience of at least three years need not take the test.
Master’s Degree in Luxembourg
Upon successful completion of their bachelor’s degree at the university in Luxembourg, students can apply for a master’s degree in Luxembourg. The university in Luxembourg offers 14 academic or profession oriented programs, for students to select from.
Students, who successfully complete their master’s degree in Luxembourg, can apply for further studies to pursue a doctoral degree at the university in Luxembourg. The doctorate program at the university in Luxembourg is dedicated to research and requires students to present and defend a thesis to successfully complete the program. The university in Luxembourg offers doctorates in a wide range of subjects, including chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, engineering sciences, information-technology, law, economics, finance, management, history, philosophy, psychology, geography, political science, social science, arts, speech science, and educational science.
Higher education in Luxembourg is delivered in three languages; French, English and German. An academic year is divided into three semesters; winter, spring and summer. The year typically starts in September and ends in June.
The government offers various options of financial aid to encourage students to pursue higher education in Luxembourg. Grants and scholarships are awarded to students on a need basis. Apart from financial aid, the university in Luxembourg has also set up career counseling cells to facilitate more informed decision making by students.

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