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Universities in Malaysia

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About universities in Malaysia

Higher education in Malaysia is the domain of the Department of Higher Education, one of the Ministry of Higher Education’s (MOHE) four departments which govern public and private higher education here.

Malaysian higher education is categorized as:
  • Public colleges and universities in Malaysia, polytechnics and community colleges, all of which are government-funded. They offer bachelors’ and post-graduate degrees in Malaysia and diplomas too. Additionally, students wanting to pursue a certificate or diploma level course can apply at the various polytechnics and community colleges here.
  • Private higher education institutions, which are not government-funded. These are further subdivided into:
  • Private colleges or non-university status institutions
  • Private universities and university colleges in Malaysia or university status institutions
  • Branches of foreign university campuses e.g. Monash University Malaysia
Malaysia has 20 public universities, 25 private universities, 42 community colleges and 27 polytechnics. The Malaysian government provides over 60 percent of tertiary education, while the private sector fills in the rest.

Bachelor’s Degree in Malaysia

With a basic Bachelor’s degree in Malaysia, a student can get employment and entrance into post-graduate programs and careers that demand great skills. It calls for a basic 120 credits to complete the course successfully and are offered by universities and accredited private higher education institution providers.

Master's Degree in Malaysia

For a student to gain further skills, knowledge and skills than what he received at the Bachelor level, he must pursue a Master’s degree in Malaysia. Admission to this educational level is based on his proven skills and knowledge in a student’s chosen subject. To successfully complete the course, applicants need 40 credits.  However, a research-based Master’s degree in Malaysia does not come with credit values but is based on merit and continuous assessments. Students can pursue a Master’s degree in Malaysia at any university or accredited providers of private higher education.

Doctoral Degree in Malaysia

One can pursue a Doctoral Degree after obtaining a Master’s degree in one’s chosen field. At this level, a student obtains further knowledge and skills in a particular domain, and proven independent research skills, with which they can contribute to a detailed dissertation, presented according to international standards and published in internationally reputed journals. These specialized courses are offered by universities in Malaysia.

Advanced Diploma sin Malaysia

Advanced Diplomas give students particular qualifications in a specific subject. This means the student has the knowledge and subject and managerial skills to shoulder responsibilities in his or her chosen field. Students need at least 40 credits to receive an Advanced Diploma. Students can pursue this course at any university in Malaysia, accredited private higher institution or at a polytechnic.

Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diplomas in Malaysia

These certificate and diploma courses can be done at the Bachelor’s degree level. To complete a Graduate Certificate, a student needs 30 credits, but 60 credits help complete a Graduate Diploma. Both universities in Malaysia and accredited private institutions offer these courses.

Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diplomas in Malaysia

These courses can be pursued after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree at any university and accredited private higher education provider in Malaysia.