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Oman is one dedicated country, spending the last 30 to 40 years striving to improve its educational system in ways other countries could only imagine. With increased government spending, hundreds of schools, and programs specifically designed to combat illiteracy, Oman is working towards a brighter future for all of its citizens. Now, nearly the entire population is literate, and graduation rates from secondary education are constantly increasing.
This dedication to excellence was originally focused in the areas of primary and secondary school education, even though the schooling itself is not mandatory for civilians. Soon, the revision and upgrading of education in Oman began to extend into post-secondary programs. Before the mid 1980’s, in fact, citizens of Oman had to go out-of-country to even attempt studies in higher education. Thankfully, this means that more and more of Oman’s citizens have the option of attending college as well as choosing to begin employment.
Universities and Higher Education Institutions in Oman
There are a number of both private and public universities in Oman, as well as diverse smaller colleges. Public universities are generally available solely to Omanis, while international students can attend private institutions. Interestingly, the language of instruction for all higher education institutions is English, and the student will even undergo year-long courses in the language before focusing on the study of their choice.
Notable schools of Oman include such institutions as Sultan Qaboos University, the University of Nizwa and Sohar University. Institutions specializing in engineering, medicine, arts, technology and many other areas are becoming increasingly popular in private institutions in Oman.
The higher education in Oman is divided into three tiers, mimicking the British system:
  • Undergraduate – bachelor degree
  • Graduate – master’s degree
  • Doctoral – doctorate or PhD
Bachelor’s Degree in Oman
A bachelor’s degree is the first degree a person can earn in Oman. It can only be achieved if students can successfully gain enrollment to an accredited institution. Admission procedures in Oman have long been part of a program called the eOman initiative, which all higher education institutions utilize. Institutions, as a result, have the option of naming their own minimal admission requirements. This nearly always means possessing secondary school completion certificate, which in Oman is known as a Thanawiya Amma. Many schools are also selective of students based on their overall secondary school examination scores, especially in medical sciences, which require high marks for admission.
A bachelor degree in Oman can be earned in courses ranging from business to journalism. However, bachelor degrees in this country typically take a bit longer than in some others. Five years is the general length of study for a bachelor degree. This is mainly due to the structure of the courses; the first year is spent solely concentrating on English studies, and the second on general related courses. It is not until the third year that students begin acute coursework in their major. The exception to this is a medicine-related degree, which will take an average of seven years.
Master’s Degree and Doctoral Studies in Oman
A master’s program in Oman requires students to have a five-year bachelor degree before admission. Like all of Oman’s courses, it is taught in English, and lasts an average of two years. There are multiple master’s programs available in Oman’s schools, many of them in engineering and medicine. PhD programs are also growing in popularity in Oman. After a master’s program, students can pursue further studies through research and dissertations. This may take an additional one to two years.
The higher education system in Oman is still under considerable reform. It is striving to combine colleges into comprehensive universities and update existing programs to make for a more efficient, accessible and informative educational experience.

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