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Universities in Papua New Guinea

Divine Word University (DWU)

Madang, Papua New Guinea
The Divine World University operates as a higher learning institution since 1996 in Papua New Guinea. It is considered to be one of the leading schools in the area, and is highly committed to quality in teaching, research, and the formation of a good Christian environment. The school’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition. The institution consists of six faculties: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Informatics, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Flexible Learning, and Faculty of Theology. All of the areas of study selected have been in... See full description.

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About universities in Papua New Guinea

The history of higher education in Papua New Guinea is relatively new, since the former Australian colonial administration took no formidable steps towards the same. At present, there are as many as seven universities in Papua New Guinea and all are accredited by the PNG Office of Higher education. These universities in Papua New Guinea are responsible for offering certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s degree courses to students.
Overview of Higher Education Opportunities in Papua New Guinea
For admission to the bachelor's programs in colleges in Papua New Guinea, students need are required to pass the National High School Grade Twelve Examination, or the Adult Matriculation Examination. Most bachelor's degree programs in Papua New Guinea consist of one year of foundation studies followed by three years of full-time study of the major subject. Students can also earn an honors degree by studying for one additional year. A preliminary degree in medical science, however, requires five years of full-time study. General courses are offered on subjects like liberal arts, economics, administration, education, law, business, creative arts, psychology, etc.

The universities of Papua New Guinea also offer post graduate and doctoral programs in numerous mainstream subjects. After a student is awarded  a bachelor’s degree, he/she can join a master’s degree program, which continues for one to three years. A thesis needs to be prepared and submitted for receiving a master’s degree in Papua New Guinea.
Doctorate degrees are also offered in most fields. These programs require three to four years of study after achieving a master's degree. As in any other country, a research thesis is the most important part of the doctoral research.

Professional Programs in PNG
Specialty colleges in Papua New Guinea offer vocational courses in different trade areas. Admission to these colleges is available after passing the secondary examination. The country’s government awards scholarships to many students, who are willing to pursue vocational studies in these technical colleges in Papua New Guinea. General courses involve both academic as well as practical training. These colleges offer courses on subjects like electrical, mechanical, printing, catering, construction, etc. Apart from these, there are various single purpose institutions, which train in primary school teaching, nursing, banking, clerical, police studies, etc.
Like any other developing country, for a long time, Papua New Guinea focused on professional training rather than academic research. However, recently, the government has started to take initiatives to emphasize higher studies and research programs. Scholarships and fellowships are being offered to students who are willing to pursue academic research. More cost effective curriculums are being planned, and the government is thinking of subsidizing higher education. The Universities of Papua New Guinea are also being restructured to bring in more students to higher educational levels.